When summertime rolls around, do you tend as a family to have a bunch of things lined up to do?

If not, now may be the time to start looking into summer fun ideas for you and those under your roof.

From trips to visiting theme parks and more, there is plenty to do out there.

So, are you and your family ready to have some fun?

Start Your Planning Now

In coming up with some fun for the summer, here are a few thoughts:

1. Family trips – When was the last time you and your crew got away on a family trip? Summer can be a great time for such adventures. Not only are the days longer, but kids are out of school. As such, let the fun begin. You may decide to go and visit a place or places close to where you live. You might also decide it is better to take a longer trip. No matter what you end up doing, plan it out as much as possible. While a little on the fly can be fun, having things planned out leads to fewer chances of problems cropping up. If your children are old enough, get their two cents on where they would like to go. Having happy kids along on a trip makes a world of difference. As part of your family adventures, a theme park visit or two may come into play. If you need info on what is open, hours and what to do, you can find that online. So, a Disney World tickets guide can prove quite helpful if headed to the Magic Kingdom as part of your getaway. Be sure to do some research on any sites you plan to visit. This will give you more familiarity with them.

2. Family reunions – Has it been a while since you had a family reunion? If the answer is yes, how about doing one this summer? Such reunions can be great for catching up on time gone by. If you want to include members scattered across the country, be sure to plan early. First, make sure you have as many address or phone contacts as possible. Second, start getting those invites out early. This will give people a fair chance to respond if they can make it or not. Third, find a location that works for most people. As an example, if you have people on both coasts, you may decide it best to meet somewhere in the middle. This will cut down on some travel involved. Last, with some of the older family members getting up there in years, make it as easy as possible for them to get there.

3. Family fun at home – Finally, there is nothing wrong with planning some family fun at home. That said you can opt to have some pool parties if you own a pool. If you like having dinner parties, summer can be a great time to have some outdoor ones. For the young one or ones at home, let them have friends over for sleepovers. There is much to do under your roof if you take the time to look.

In coming up with family summer fun, where will your crew start the planning?