If you have entertained the idea of buying a puppy for your kid, how close are you to pulling it off?

For many parents, a puppy for their child means many positive things.

From watching their child bond with a puppy to seeing the animal by their child’s side, a lot of great things can happen.

So, is it time you got your son or daughter a puppy?

Dogs and Kids Go Well Together

In thinking of getting your child a puppy, here are three reasons it makes a lot of sense:

1. Teaching responsibility – With a puppy at home, it teaches your kid responsibility. From feeding the dog to taking it out for bathroom visits and more, your child will grow in many different ways. He or she will come to learn rather fast that the puppy depends on its human counterparts for survival. This can be a good way to go about giving your kid responsibility without overwhelming them. As a result, it can lead to your kid being more responsible with chores at home, doing well in school and much more.

2. Your kid bonds with their friend – Another reason a puppy makes sense for your child is the bonding. Whether looking at Uptown Puppies or another breeder, find the puppy best for your little one. Given some kids are rather shy, having a puppy by their side can make them become more outgoing over time. Before long, you may see a positive difference in your child. Even as your child finds new friends over the years, that bond he or she has with their dog will always be crucial to them.

3. Providing protection in the home – Last; having a puppy in the home can give you an added sense of protection. Puppies bring a lot of qualities with them. One of those would be good hearing. The chances of one getting in your home unannounced go down with your four-legged friend. You can also feel better about your child playing outside when their best friend is by their side.

Should It Be a Surprise?

One decision in bringing a puppy into your home for your child will be whether to surprise them.

That said you may want to spend a little bit of time thinking on this one.

On the one hand, surprising your kid with a puppy can provide a lifetime memory when you see that look on their face. On the flip side, you may want your child in on it so they can give you their two cents on what type of breed they may best like.

Either way, think about what kind of puppy would best suit your child’s needs and work best in your home.

When the time comes for you to buy a puppy for your child, what breed will you go with?

No matter the breed, sit back and look to enjoy all the memories your child and puppy are going to create together.