3 Tips and Tricks for Switching Churches

Recently, church attendance has fallen below the majority in America for the first time. If you feel you’ve lost the spark at your church, it might be time to consider switching churches. 

Maybe you feel your interest in attending church waning. Maybe you’ve missed a few services and just aren’t feeling connected to God in the same way anymore. 

No matter your reasons, sometimes you just need to shake it up and find a new way to work on your relationship with God. If you’re thinking about choosing a new church, it’s important to do it right. Read on to learn how to do it! 

1. Don’t Feel Guilty 

It can be difficult to leave your church. You might even feel guilty as if you are betraying your church. However, you don’t have to feel bad about making a church transition.

In Ephesians Chapter 4, the Apostle Paul outlines the “fivefold ministry,” as a model for the Christian church. The fivefold ministry essentially states that God wants you to be effective and successful at what you do in life. 

The church is simply a structure to help you grow. It fosters maturity and a personal connection with God. For that reason, not every church will work for every individual. 

You have to find the place that works for you, and helps you reach your full potential. You can click here to learn more about the fivefold ministry and how it relates to your church experience. 

2. Be Tactful

The most important thing to do when you change churches is to leave your current church with grace. Even if you disagree with the current direction the church is heading, take a moment to appreciate the good in it and how your church has helped you grow to this point.

Take a moment to thank your church elders for welcoming you into the congregation and be honest about your reasons for leaving. Be sure also to say goodbye to any friends and family in the church, and make a point to stay in touch even after you leave. 

3. How To Choose A Church

When you change churches, it’s worth taking time to reflect. What’s not working for you at your current church? What would help you going forward?

If it helps, you can journal about these questions. This will help you get a sense of what you’re looking for at your next church. Then you can find a few local churches and discuss your concerns with the church leaders. 

Will they help you address your current concerns and foster a stronger relationship with God? 

Switching Churches The Right Way

Can you move churches? Absolutely. God wants you to find an environment that supports you and your goals.

But, it’s important to do it right. Do it with grace, humility, and tact. Be honest and take the time to reflect on the change, and what you hope to accomplish by switching churches.

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