Even though kids count down the days until summer as soon as the school year begins, some parents don’t feel the same excitement. This makes complete sense since summertime means the kids aren’t occupied for 7 hours each day, but instead you’ll have to find something else to entertain them. 

If only working adults could also get 3 months off each year to eat popsicles and enjoy bonfires. Unfortunately, that luxury ends as soon as our education is completed. As parents, summertime often means additional childcare is needed. Luckily, there is also another option: kids summer camp. Enrolling your children in summer camp is a win-win for everyone in the family. 

Summer camp is a great way to build new friendships

Meeting new people outside of the classroom is an amazing way for kids to build new friendships. The friendships developed at summer camp tend to be even more meaningful than friendships formed on the school playground or within the classroom. Summer camp is essentially networking, just for kids instead of career-oriented professionals. 

It provides mental stimulation and physical activity

So many parents worry that their children will lose the skills they learned throughout the school year throughout the summer months. This could be the case if you allow your child to watch TV, play video games, eat junk food, and never once open a book all summer long. Luckily, tons of summer camp programs focus on keeping kids mentally stimulated, even when school is not in session. 

Not only this, but summer camp is a great way to keep the kids active. Depending on the nature of the camp, there will probably be a good amount of outdoor activities, games, and play time in order to get rid of some of the enormous amount of energy that most young people have. 

Your child might find a new hobby or interest

There are a million different types of summer camps out there, offering everything from archery to robotics to lakeside exploration. If your child shows an interest in space, send him or her to space camp. This will be an amazing opportunity to build on that interest and even turn it into a passion. 

Summer camp promotes independence

Sending your kids off to camp each day is an amazing way to boost their independence. This is especially true if you send your child to an overnight, weeklong camp (which is an amazing idea once your child is of a certain age). Camps of all kinds allow children to make decisions on their own and grow in the proces. This newfound sense of independence might just lead to empowerment, even at a young age. 

But kids summer camp doesn’t just benefit the young ones… 

We’re not saying your reasons for sending your children to camp are selfish, but it is hard to deny that summer camp benefits you as well. It is essentially a form of childcare, and sleep-away camp is a great way for you and hubby to get some alone time.