Are you considering getting a divorce? Divorce sometimes seems so common for families we do not think about how severe and impactful it actually is. 

The decision to divorce can affect more than just you and your spouse, especially if you have a family. Are you sure divorce is for you? Maybe you are contemplating it, but are not sure what your options are before you call a divorce lawyer

Here are a few things to consider before contemplating divorce.

  1. Why do you want to leave your marriage?

    Think back to why you got married in the first place. Were you happy? Do you believe you could be happy again? What about your spouse brings you joy? Do you still love one another?

    Consider why it is that you got married, and what the good parents of your marriage are. If there is still love there, maybe consider couples therapy to work through what the major issues are. It has been done, and it is nothing to be ashamed of! You are two different people and sometimes acting as a unit can be difficult.
  2. Why are you threatening divorce?

    Are you fighting with your spouse and desperately calling for a divorce, with no intention to back that up? Sometimes when humans fight, we make empty threats out of anger. Consider if you may be threatening to call that divorce lawyer just out of spite, and why you got so angry in the first place.
  3. Why do you want a divorce?

    Do you want a divorce simply because you are acting out of anger? When we are emotional, we can make irrational decisions or choices we would not otherwise. Perhaps make a Pro/Con list. This sounds silly, but it could help you get to the bottom of why you want a divorce.
  4. How will divorce negatively impact you and your loved ones?

    Especially for a family unit, divorce will impact everyone. Divorce signifies loss, and if you have children, they will feel it deeply. While many divorced families still fully function, it does change all of you as people and puts you on a new life path. Think about how you will change, and how your family will too, before contemplating divorce.
  5. What will your post-divorce life look like?

    How will you change after getting divorced? You will be a completely different human, for better or worse. How will your relationship change with your family? Sometimes looking ahead is important when considering the impact of major life decisions so you can see if it is a life you really want. 

Divorce is a huge decision for everyone involved. There are many major things to consider before calling your divorce lawyer. However, in some cases, divorce is the right decision for families, especially if the love you once felt for your spouse has changed. Breaking up your family unit will never be easy, so it is imperative to really look at why you want a divorce and how it will change you and your loved ones. Once you do that, your decision should be a little more clear.