Choosing the gender of your baby might not be common in some circles, but it is becoming more and more popular among New Yorkers. No one knows for sure why sex selection New York is more popular than using the service in Iowa or Ohio, but some say that’s it is because New York residents (Manhattaner’s in particular) are more progressive thinkers. 

Even if you’re on the fence about selecting your baby’s gender beforehand or completely against it all together, listen to what New Yorkers have to say about it. Manhattaner’s are saying 5 common things about sex selection services – here’s what they are. 

Regardless of what you might think, not everyone aims for a son

A lot of the criticism behind selecting your baby’s gender is that couples should not only be aiming for birthing and raising a son. Having a son to carry on the family name or represent the family in a “manly” way should not be your main goal for having a child.

Well guess what, there is a common misconception that all couples performing sex selection want to have a son and only a son. This is not the case at all. Of course sometimes a son is the preferred sex, but couples hope for little girls just as often. 

Ethical reasons for sex selection should be overlooked

The main negative feedback about sex selection is that it’s not ethical. Religious individuals believe that God should have the final say in selecting your baby’s gender, not a licensed doctor. But now that Americans becoming more progressive and accepting of worldly views (especially New Yorkers), the lines are becoming a bit more blurred. 

Some women need sex selection as a safety precaution

There are certain genetic diseases and anomalies that are passed on from a mother to a son. This has to do with the passing on of chromosomes that have genetic anomalies linked to them. For this reason, some mothers and couples want to do whatever it takes to keep their baby safe from harm – and one way to do that is choosing to have a girl rather than a boy. 

It is completely safe and noninvasive 

Perhaps you assume that the sex selection process is dangerous in some way, risking your safety and the safety of your baby. It turns out the procedure is completely noninvasive, safe, and has an amazing success rate. A common technique is the Silverman Method, which incorporates the famous GSMART method with IVF practices. 

More doctors are becoming more accepting of the practice

There once was a time when many doctors were against sex selection, but times are changing. Just like more individuals and couples are becoming more accepting of it, licensed practitioners are as well. You’ll certainly be able to find a doctor who specializes in gender selection, especially if you live in New York. The procedures involved have become much safer – not to mention they have a 99% success rate – so doctors are becoming more keen on specializing in sex selection services.