7 Most Fun and Unique Ways To Invite People to a High School Graduation

High School graduations are important milestones which you should celebrate.  Sending out fun-filled high school graduation invitations can make the day even more special. If you are looking for some new and creative ways to announce your big day to the public, then we might help you out. The goal is to include fun ideas or events that will be part of the graduation ceremony. While at it, check out some of our unique graduation invitation templates.

Special Pictures

Display photos of yourself or the graduate all over the graduation party area. These could be photos from every milestone of their life from birth to the day of graduation. You can use a unique theme like a star and the images posted on it. To make the day even more unique, include photos of all graduates in the family, beginning with parents, grandparents, uncles, older siblings, etc. Guests will love this.

Create Memories and Nostalgia

Request the guests to come with something that reminds them of their time in high school or the time of their graduation. Together with photos taken on the graduation day, keep everything in a box and keep it somewhere safe.  Instruct the graduate to open the box after several years.

More Nostalgia

Pick one table and fill it with awards, diplomas, memorabilia, motorboard, prom photos, pom poms, pennants, honors, textbooks, school pictures, yearbooks, etc. These will tell the story of the graduates, and guests will love such entertainment.

Photos & Videos

No event is complete without a video and photoshoot. Shoot photos and capture video footage of the graduate with the guests at every angle. Another fun way to make the day more memorable is to set up a video camera then request guests to record an inspiration or congratulatory message for the graduate.

Let a Celebrity be Your Commencement, Speaker.

Here’s the fun part. In your invitation, tell your guests that there will be a notable celebrity who will speak on the graduation day or party. Of course, no one would turn down an event that promises such fun.

You can do this without necessarily inviting any celebrity over.  Just use a Cameo. This service enables you to buy a personalized video message from several celebrities, such as  Bethenny Frankel, Leslie David Baker, or Tom Felton.

All you have to do is pick out a celeb, write a brief message of what you’d like them to say, and allow them some time to deliver it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are valuable platforms to interact and connect with these celebrities easily.

Graduate Cupcakes

No graduation ceremony is complete without a cake, and cupcakes are just the perfect fun way to enjoy your high school achievement. Go for photo cupcakes decorated with stars to impress your guests.

Finally, have fun!

A fun graduation event is not fun until you enjoy every bit of it. Spruce up the event with a sumptuous graduation dinner. For this, send out a graduation dinner invitation to special people only. Congratulations and enjoy.