A Beginner's Guide to Shopping for Baking Supplies

If you’re new to baking, it’s crucial to stock up on the right tools. Baking is a precise science; you can only achieve a professional result with the proper ingredients and equipment.

This guide will walk you through the baking supplies you need to get started with delicious cookies, cakes, and bread! We’ll also give you some beginner baking recipes that’ll have you baking in no time.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales can take the guesswork out of measuring baking or meal prep ingredients. They can also help crafters measure ingredients for making soap, paper, or candles.

The type of kitchen scale you choose depends on what you’re doing. Digital scales you can find in a baking supply store are usually easier to read, more accurate, and have helpful tare features to reset them to zero as you add ingredients.

When shopping for a scale, consider the minimum and maximum weight limits. A larger model is better if you weigh a lot of food.

Mixing Bowls

Whether you’re working on cake batters, mixing dry ingredients, or whisking up salad dressing, a good set of mixing bowls is essential to any kitchen. They come in many materials, including glass, plastic, pottery or ceramic, and stainless steel.

They often have to pour lips or spouts for making sauces, batters, and dressings; measuring marks to see how high your dough rises; handles to improve your grip; and tight lids. They’re also useful for storing prepared dough in the refrigerator.

Measuring Cups

Measurements are important, so you need to have the right measuring cups. A dry measuring cup measures dry ingredients, such as flour or sugar, while a liquid measuring cup measures water and milk.

Measuring cups are available in various materials, including glass, plastic, copper, and stainless steel. The material you choose should depend on what you want your measuring cups to do and how much you plan to use them.

To measure liquids, such as water or milk, place the liquid measuring cup on a flat surface and pour in the liquid until it reaches the fill line. Liquid measuring cups have a pouring spout, so you can easily return excess liquid to the cup without spilling it.

Butter Knives

A butter knife is a small, dull, non-serrated table knife that spreads butter on bread or dinner rolls. These knives are usually included in flatware sets.

They are typically about half the size of a regular flatware knife and often have either a pointed or rounded tip.

These knives have been a staple of silverware for several centuries and are sometimes found in antique collections. They are available in various styles and patterns, and shoppers can often find one that matches their existing flatware or silverware set.