Two years ago we were getting set to decide on which performing arts college was going to be best for our child. She had wanted to study performing arts ever since she was a little girl and we knew that the decision which we made on colleges, would be one of great importance which could dictate how the rest of her career shaped up. Eventually we settled on AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and so far it turns out to have been an outstanding decision. If you are going through this at the moment, here is how we decided on the best college for our child.


Our daughter is exceptionally talented but we have known for a long time that she was never going to be at the level to study at a college such as Julliard or another prestigious college like that. This is fine and my daughter very much understood where she was, it was her intention to get to a college which could elevate her to that level of talent. The key to getting the right college is to begin by being realistic with what level your child is at and which college they could be realistically be accepted to.


Next up you need to pay attention to the reputation which each college has and use this as a tool to decide whether or not they are worth considering. Remember that this is a whittling down process which you need to go through, starting with the reputation of the colleges. You can easily find this information online and it can help you to weigh up each different college and what they can offer.


When it came to deciding which college to send our child to we were left with a straight choice between 2 and the thing that helped us to finally decide on which college to choose, was the reviews. The AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews are absolutely incredible and that is from both the staff and the students alike. This was a really important factor in making our decision and it is something which you shouldn’t discount when you are making yours.


There are some colleges which have built up a solid reputation for producing some of the best students throughout the years, and these are the colleges which big productions such as film companies and stage companies look to for their next crop of talent. Naturally if you can send your child to a college which has these strong links then you will be helping them greatly in their future career. This is something which is really important to consider when selecting a college for your child, especially because of how competitive the industry of performing arts can be.

Take your time, research well and you will make the perfect choice