At some point everyone of us has dreamed about being a rock star, the glitz, the glamour, the paychecks. It looks like they walked up on stage, pulled out their guitar and started seriating fans. In reality they all started someplace and now you can too, just head over to the app store and download some of these best apps for learning how to play the guitar.

This app could save you hundreds of dollars

The Real Guitar app is an excellent place to start for beginners. It allows you to go in and select from different types of guitars. Anything from an electric or acoustic guitar to the more complex twelve string guitar. Each one of them has its own look and sound to simulate the real thing. It provides a very in depth chords library and the option to make custom chords in the event you haven’t quite found what you are looking for. The Real Guitar app has over ten million downloads and over four-hundred-thousand reviews, a great way to try before you buy a real guitar.

The app to hone your sound skills

The aggressively named, Guitar Machine app, allows the user to learn things like timing, tuning and chords. They dub themselves as having “Simply the most accurate chromatic tuner in the entire app store”. It’s a bold statement however, they back it up with a guarantee where you can get your $0.99 back. If you are looking to effectively hone in on your tuning skills this app will set you way above standard. It has a metronome with a temp range from 30-300 BPM and a sub-cent range that can’t be matched. It also boasts a reverse chord name lookup, full-featured chord dictionary, and incredible graphics.

The world’s largest music educator

Yousician is one of the major musical monsters in the marketplace, with over 5million downloads and close to 200thousand reviews, it has gotten the world to notice how easy guitar learning can be from an app. The focus themselves on four main areas, primarily guitar, bass, then branch out to include piano and the classic ukulele. Each musical section has a step by step tutorial that will guide you along with exercises to fit your skill level. It offers instant feedback on how good your accuracy and rhythm are developing. They take a lot of pride in being known as “The worlds largest music educator” and you can try them out in a scaled back free version of the app. If you then decide it’s right for you, pony up for the full price and keep on learning.

The guitar app with a more personal feel

A more grassroots approach to guitar learning, Justin Guitar app has had over one-hundred-thousad app downloads and more than one-million people learn to play guitar from his web-based courses.  Justin hand picks songs that he feels are easy to learn and translates them into an interactive application form. He includes over twenty-five videos, a self-assessment system to track your improvement, a chord change counter, as well as an accurate and easy to use tuner. From here you can expand into all kinds of learning options from the app to your pc. If you like things more personal and a bit less like they came from a corporation, Justin Guitar app is likely for you.

Having  an application that allows you to learn guitar from anywhere and everywhere that fits right in your pocket has revolutionized the way we look at musical education. These are some of the best apps for learning to play guitar whether you are holding your first pick or looking to up your skills. Download and get started.