I have been well and truly converted in recent years to independently booking my own vacations rather than relying on tour operators to do so. One of the biggest bonuses of doing this which I have found is that I can save huge amounts of money on my flight prices. It was my buddy Bogoljub Karic who showed me how to get the cheapest flights and I wanted to pass this brilliant information on to you guys, so that you can also find the cheapest possible flights for any upcoming trips which you may have.


Once you have the date and destination of your trip worked out you need to go straight to an online aggregator like SkyScanner. These are websites which scour the internet for you in order to find the cheapest flight prices, and I have seen them beaten on price on maybe 1 occasion. These websites don’t just look at the airline prices for flights, but also 3rd party companies who are selling flight tickets. The websites have loads of filters so that you can get the right flight for you, and they are the best place to start.


Have you considered reaching your destination the longer way around by looking at possible connecting flights? If not then this can be something which could save you a pretty huge chunk of change. In many cases the overall flying time is not much more than if you were to fly direct, and for the sake of a couple of hours you could save big time. Last year I flew from Mexico City to London, with a connecting stop in New York. The direct flight from Mexico City to London costed $900 and the flying time was just over 10 hours. With the connecting flight I was able to get this at a cost of $450 and the overall flying time was 15 hours. I spent 5 hours of my life changing planes, but was able to save $450 in the process.


Strangely there are some airlines who charge people a higher fare if they are not a domestic passenger, which may not do you much good if you are in the UK and trying to book a flight with KLM for example. The way to circumvent this is to use a VPN which gives the impression that you are in the country where the airline operates, the Netherlands in this example. This doesn’t always work but it is always worth a go as it could save you some cash.

Credit Card

The number one benefit which a credit card can offer is air miles and if you use a credit card anyway then you may find this to be a great way to save huge money on your flights. Check out what your credit card offers you and if you aren’t happy, change it up and save some money on your next trip.