coworking spaces

The search for the perfect office is officially over. Professionals working in New Zealand are no longer consigned to leasing conventional office space, some requiring them to pay a high overhead to sit in the most prestigious CBDs. In fact, one of the newer officer formats – coworking – has simplified the search for office space.

Coworking is a great solution for a business looking for office space that encompasses it all. These spaces have a workspace first and foremost, but at the same time, they provide a more social format for businesses, which can be great for leveraging business relationships. When searching for a coworking space in Auckland – Servcorp NZ is probably a good example of how coworking mixes workspace with the social elements that create team building opportunities.

Continue reading to learn why coworking in New Zealand might be the perfect choice for your business.

Shared Space That Creates Opportunity

The coworking space can be the perfect solution for professionals looking for more than just workspace. Because these offices are also communities, there is more of a comradery among the professionals who make up the space. These workspaces typically are run by space managers who put forth the effort to create an events calendar, which is one way to galvanise the professionals who comprise the space. Ultimately, the coworking space can act as a catalyst in helping businesses with productivity and growth because there are always opportunities to work with others in collaboration. Unlike conventional office space, which is only space, the coworking office is more fluid and allows professionals the flexibility to engage professionals from diverse industries. 

Flexible Workspace In A Professional Environment

This feature is also one that places the coworking space head and shoulders over conventional office space. For one, the coworking space provides businesses with the chance to rent from a menu of workspace options, such as the hot desk, dedicated desk, and in some cases, the private office. Each space also typically has areas that blend into each other where professionals can gather and work with many incorporating meeting and conference rooms as a part of their plans.

The space is flexible because it comes without the usual barriers found in standard offices. With no walls, partitions, or cubicles to come between professionals, not only are professionals more accessible to each other but they also are more approachable. Ultimately, the coworking space is fluid space that sets the tone for a relaxed environment while providing the professional accoutrements that make up the business setting.

Office Space In Your Choice Location

One of the major obstacles for professionals and small businesses is to find office space in a great location. Location sets the tone for the success of a business, and whereas in the past businesses were beholden to the commercial real estate market to find bargain office space, today the variety of office solutions have completely eliminated this in New Zealand. Ultimately, businesses have more choice in not only deciding bespoke office features but in also determining where their office is located simply because the price is no longer an obstacle.

More Value Than Cost

This low-cost alternative is not just office space on a budget. In fact, in some of the better coworking communities, businesses will find that space managers who really make the effort to host events that create social interaction will find they can get more for the rent they pay. With collaboration and all sorts of opportunities to exchange information, businesses will find themselves in a win-win situation.

Your Perfect Place For Business

The coworking space is the perfect solution for any business. With a platform that is very versatile, your business can move beyond just looking for space to work but in looking for space that works for your business’s needs. The space that has grown out of a need to help struggling start-ups launch has become the perfect solution for many businesses looking for bespoke office space.