When it comes to your style, you need to own your outfit and sense of fashion. There’s nothing more than a good set of clothes or a new hairstyle that will scream out that you are expressing yourself. Well, if you think that you are a very a colourful person, or that you have a colourful look, then it’s time that you bring all of that internal joy and optimism from the inside onto the outside. Express yourself through how you style yourself. That’s the best way to say who you are as a person. Here are some of the best ways that you can give your style a well-needed makeover.

Where can you wear colourful outfits? 

Honestly, when it comes to your normal outfits, you don’t just need to wear a dull grey suit every day. Whether you’re a high-class Ilford escort, a CEO of a firm or a young professional, you can still add a little colour to your outfit no matter what your daily life consists of. At the end of the day, as long as you know how to switch up your outfits to suit what you’re doing for the day, then you are free to wear what you like.

The best combinations include mixing dark primary shades with brighter ones, such as a dark t-shirt and skirt but a brightly coloured jacket or scarf. You want to use bright colourful fashion items to draw attention to specific areas of your body, or to add emphasis to it. For instance, if you are proud of your bust, use a colourful shirt combined with darker trousers to highlight it.

Colour Contacts

Are you feeling unsatisfied about your eye colour? Not everyone likes having an average eyeshade and, instead, would prefer to have something that is a little more vibrant and exuberant. That way they can make more of an impression on the people they meet. Well, fear not, why not add a little colour to your look by wearing some coloured contact lenses. Contact lenses come in all shapes and sizes. You can have bright blue, yellow all the way down to multi-coloured lenses. These contacts are the perfect things to wear when it comes to club events or festivals, but feel free to wear them anyway outside of your professional environment.

Bright Hair Colours

If you’re feeling a little more daring, then why not try out a brand new colour for your hair? No, you don’t need to be going through a midlife crisis or a break up to change up your look. If you fancy adding some colour to it, you could go for a passionately coloured shade, a neon look or perhaps even a metallic colour. However, those aren’t the only colours you need to go for. Why limit yourself to just one? Mermaid shades involve mixed colours like green, purple and blue! Find your perfect mix and then rock the lock. You might even consider trying out a new hairstyle to highlight your brand new bold shade.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add a little colour to your wardrobe, but not too much. People naturally feel shy sometimes and just don’t fancy being too extravagant. That’s why you should maybe consider a colourful jacket! The best thing about wearing a jacket is that you can take them off and just leave them to the side for a while. That means if you start feeling a little self-conscious then you can simply take it off and go around in darker colours for a while. A colourful jacket combined with less vibrant colours will make the jacket stand out more, giving you a slick, modern vibe to your overall outfit.


If you’ve been to any sort of music festival in 2019, you will see that the latest trend is actually glitter and jewels. The jewels stick on the skin and can come in a single colour or a multitude of rainbow effects. Whilst the majority are used for clubbing and festival events, if you feel like going a little out of the box with your formal fashion, these colourful stick-on jewels are the perfect things for you. You can even use soft multi-coloured glitter on your cheekbones and jawline to give you a dazzling colourful look when the sun hits your face.

Colour doesn’t need to be messy

When it comes to your own personal sense of fashion and colour, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. A lot of the major fashion trends tend to be quite “out there”, so may not be the most comfortable things to actually wear and walk around them. Instead, choose colourful outfits or patterns that you know will flatter you. That way you will feel better about showing them off. So, don’t wait any longer. Select your favourite colour and go wild!