Do you drink the recommended daily amount of water? If not then you are not alone, it is estimated that 73% of the country don’t drink enough water during the day and end up being greatly dehydrated. I was informed of the benefits of drinking enough water by my local GP Dr. Richard Soper, someone who I have seen since I was a teenager. As it happens Dr. Soper is also a neighbor of mine and he is always so helpful when I have questions for him, such as what drinking enough water will do. If you weren’t aware of exactly why you should be drinking more water, here are the benefits which doing so will give you.

Skin Quality

If you don’t drink enough water then your skin can dry out and start to look worn and tired. The example that Dr. Richard Soper gave me when talking about this was that of a plant’s leaves, as it dies through lack of water the leaves look weak, they crack, they discolor and they slowly begin to wilt, our skin is no different and when we have a deficiency of water in our bodies, this is the result which it will have on our skin.

Thought Process

Many of us may not realize it but a lack of water has a negative impact on your brain function, especially on our abilities to concentrate, to organize, to plan and to focus. The brain, just like all other organs in the body needs to stay hydrated in order for it to be at its best, if we fail to give the body sufficient water, our brains react by slowing down certain functions and processes, which is why we end up acting a little slower.

Liver and Kidneys

Our livers and kidneys play keys roles in flushing out waste from the body, and processing what what we put into it. This is why, as Dr. Richard Soper reminded me, the color of our urine is so vitally important as a measure to see if we are drinking enough H2O. When our urine is bright yellow it is because the kidneys aren’t able to properly process what we are putting into it, and this is because of a deficiency of water. When our urine is clear colored it is an indication that we have enough hydration to deal with the waste products which our body produces.


When the body is dehydrated it will draw water from places in the body which are deemed not as important, and deliver it to vital things like organ function. The result of this is that we can feel tired and languid, which is why you may sometimes feel lethargic as the day wears on. Drinking enough water will ensure that your body stays properly hydrated and that you have more energy for longer periods of time.

The science is there for us all to see and the benefits of drinking more water make so much sense.