As you travel the world to and fro, you come across some crazy sports that people do. They are so crazy they have been labeled extreme. And we shall talk about a few of these extreme hobbies today including gambling at good online casinos and land-based casinos.

Solo Climbing

Solo basically means alone. This means that you will be climbing on your own. There is really nothing bad with hiking up a mountain on your own. But here is the catch, solo also means no rope or protection what so ever. So if ever you decide to try this out like some people, please do get a good pair of shoes that have a good grip as well.

Running of the Bulls

The only reason why someone would do this is that it’s fun. Running with the bulls is running in front of a group of bulls. This is usually done in Mexico, Spain and Portugal. You need to be very fast to do this. This is because as much as it is fun, it can lead to serious injuries.


This is a winter sport. It involves one person riding a board down a frozen track while lying head first. Why people do such sports, we might never know. But to those who are faint-hearted, this one might just be a bit too extreme.

Water Falling Kayak

Let us first define the terms. A kayak is a small, narrow watercraft which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. (Wikipedia) And we have seen what a waterfall is. So imagine using a kayak, to go down a waterfall. This is not done on very tall waterfalls, but those that are a bit short. Emphasis on a bit.


We do have another sport, whether to call it extreme or not is a matter of choice. Online gambling is very fun and very entertaining. Depending on your bet, your stakes might be very high, and for the weak at heart, this too can be considered a bit too extreme.