Every fall, a new swath of students head to university. Each student has a vague idea of what awaits them. Things such as a packed schedule, lots of parties, turning to an essay writing service, and a plethora of other things can all be on the horizon.

But it is also important for students to have a plan by the time they arrive. Having a plan can help to keep them from being overwhelmed and being overcome by the chaos that a packed schedule can bring with it. Here are five tips for first-year university students.

1. Don’t Get Overzealous

One of the biggest mistakes that first-year students make is taking on a workload that results in burnout. Being fresh to university life can make it easy to want to take on every class possible, but university life is a marathon, not a sprint.

When the workload is too great, it can result in serious stress and it can show in the quality of the class work being done. If necessary, you can turn to an essay writing service to help, but keeping a manageable schedule is probably the best idea.

2. Save Your Work

Everyone has heard the same horror story: a student working for hours on end on a project only for the computer to freeze or randomly shut down. All of those hours of work lost can result in stress like no other.

That is why backing up and saving your work is so important. A quick keystroke and that progress can be saved, protecting students from catastrophic events that can wipe out the work already done. It also helps to have a cloud-based saving point in case a computer winds up breaking down. This way, access is possible from anywhere.

3. Create a Budget

One of the realities that most students have to face is that funds will be limited. Many students have a part-time job in school, but there is only so much money to go around. While it may be fun to blow all of it on good times, it can also put a student in a bad position.

Having a budget can be essential. Know what is coming in and what needs to get spent each week. This will give a better idea of what is available for partying and good times and what needs to be there for essentials.

4. Be Selective About Friends

New students to university may feel like they have to hang out with any new friend that they make. This doesn’t have to be the case. Look for obvious red flags and do not ignore them. If those red flags are ignored, it can result in friends that bring more baggage with them than anything else.

It is a great idea to meet new people, but find the friends where the greatest commonalities are shared and the most enjoyment is had. This will help to keep those dramatic friends away and allow for better hangouts.

5. Enjoy the First Year

First-year university can feel overwhelming, especially because it is so new. But in the midst of the schedule and the assignments, it is important that students enjoy themselves during the first year of school.

If the schedule is too heavy or there is too much stress, it can create a soured experience that will ruin the rest of the student’s time at university. Enjoy the time spent at university, try to make new friends, and keep in mind that the grades are not everything. That will result in a far more enjoyable university experience.