Are you looking to spend less money? If so, you may believe that budgeting is a sad and sorry way to live. It doesn’t have to be.

Budgeting can boost your happiness.

Curious how this works? 

Let’s jump in.

Identify Your Values

While we all need enough money for basics, cutting back on luxury spending can be rewarding. Here’s how it works.

If you’re looking at life from the viewpoint of money, less money should mean less happiness. Yet, if you are doing what is most important to you, then every choice makes you grow stronger.

This is why it is so helpful to identify your core values. What matters most in life? Is it the bank balance? Is it a piece of clothing that will ultimately get faded, worn, or torn? Or is it the people in your life – your love, spouse, partner, children, parents, and loved ones?

Tip: Take some time to identify what matters most to you.

Track Your Spending

Tracking spending is an amazing activity. It makes you instantly aware of what you are buying, and what value you are getting. In many cases, just the act of tracking will cause you to reduce your spending.

Take a moment to think about food shopping. Perhaps you usually shop when you’re hungry. This habit means that you’ll pick up candy, sweets, or pastries to fuel up for shopping. This not only costs money but also inspires unhealthy purchases. 

When you start tracking your spending, you’ll quickly see that when you are hungry, you tend to spend more. It’s only human. Get smart about shopping and reduce your bill. 

Tip: Eat something healthy before you shop. Keep track of your spending.

Do It Yourself

There’s something incredibly rewarding about doing things yourself. If you have a piece of land, plant a garden. If you grow your food, share it with friends and neighbors. If you enjoy sewing, make your clothes. It could be the start of a community sewing circle or a way to bring delightful clothing to your family.

A terrific way to save money is to cook for yourself. Look for meals that are healthy, easy, and fast to prepare. Build your meals around recipes that you can do without stress. As you get used to cooking for yourself, you can expand your selection. 

In a short time, you’ll find that your home cooked meals are more fun, tastier, and faster than grabbing take-out. You may even have a chance to pass on some family recipes to your children and help them build confidence in the kitchen.

In many cases, doing things yourself will save you money. Plus, while you’re cooking, gardening and sewing, your family can participate. 

Tip: Share ‘do it yourself’ skills with your children. Build their confidence and enjoy sharing creative time.

Focus On Happiness

Many health experts find that being mindful of what matters helps people focus on health. When you take the time to be mindful of happiness, you’ll start to think, feel, and act differently. 

For example, you may notice that you prefer walking outside instead of watching television. You might find that you enjoy getting up early to see the sunrise. Simple shifts in daily habits can lead you to make more positive choices in your life.

Tip: Start to focus on happiness. What is one simple action you can take today?

Look for Support

There might be some times when you need additional support. In most communities, there are trusted companies that offer emergency loans for individuals with poor credit. 

Recently, I heard from a friend about a contract assignment in Houston, Texas. She was in between jobs, without any family to rely on, and needed help. With a quick internet search for Texas installment loans, she found a loan. It was just what she needed to bridge the gap and get over a rough patch. 

Often, the biggest hurdle is inside our heads. We have to be willing to look for options that we may not have tried before. 

Tip: If you need support, research reputable funding options in your community.

Start Today

Spend your time and money on what matters most. With a few shifts, you can be happier, healthier—and save money.