Winter Activities for Families

Even if you love cold weather, wintertime can be a challenge when you have active kids at home. There are straightforward remedies for some kid-related issues, for example, Wellements organic constipation support for occasional constipation. For other things, like how to entertain your kids when the weather is bad, you may be at a loss.

Winter Activity Plans That Follow the Kids’ Lead

Following your children’s interests is good for their development because it promotes focused attention and deeper learning. There’s a bonus for you, though: When you let them explore what interests them, they’re likely to stick with it for longer and give you a break. As your little ones show interest in activities or themes, make a note of it so you can plan winter activities around things they want to explore. Collect books, a few toys and activity books on the theme.

Free Outdoor Winter Activities

Check with your local community organization to find free outdoor winter activities for kids. You may find fun group activities like nature walks for little ones or sledding on a local hill. Remember to use sunscreen even on snowy days and try organic vitamin D drops to make up for the lower amount of sunshine exposure, especially for breastfed babies.

If nothing exciting is happening in your town, you can always plan your own outdoor snowy day activities. There’s the classic snow angel or snowman making, but you can go beyond the basics. If it’s cold enough, let the kids blow bubbles and see if they freeze. When it’s time to come indoors, bring some snow with you, put it in bowls, add food coloring, and try painting with it.

Winter Indoor Activities for Quiet Time

Some days, whether conditions are bad or you’re too tired to leave the house, you’ll need to plan indoor activities. If you have children who nap at different times or some who don’t nap at all, you may wonder how to keep them occupied while a younger sibling naps. If you’ve based your activities around a child-developed theme, quiet time is a great time to read books or make art based on the topic.

If you’re stuck indoors because someone in your family is sick, consider some interesting facts about the common cold. For one thing, young kids get colds all year long, not just during the winter. Supplements and hand-washing may help as part of your strategy to minimize sick days during sniffle season.

Whether you love or hate winter weather, it will be over again before you know it. Make the most of this cozy season by spending time with your little ones and enjoying the memories you make together. Although it’s good to have a few specific things planned, remember to schedule blocks of time for spontaneous play, exploration and rest each day. The next thing you know, you’ll be searching for spring and summer activities and wondering how another year flew by so quickly.