If you’re the mother or father of an energetic and athletic child, you might be wondering how to get them into your favorite sport, which of course is baseball! 

The truth is that only a lucky group of people find their child to be naturally interested in baseball, and for many parents it is their duty to convince their kids that baseball is a fantastic sport to play, at least at first. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your kid to fall in love with America’s pastime, let us at Baseball Eagle break down some easy tactics. 

Get them started at an early age

One of the easiest ways to get your kid into baseball in a very real way is to introduce them to the game at a young age. This doesn’t mean you have to get them on a baseball team as soon as they are able to walk, but you can start playing with them in the backyard of your home! Consider getting them a wiffle ball setup so that you can toss a light ball and they can get used to placing the ball and hitting it. 

Take them to a pro game 

When they get a little bit older, one of the very best ways to get them to fall in love with baseball is to take them to a game at your local MLB stadium. Luckily, the team that is located in your city or state is pretty good. Ideally, their first Major League Baseball game experience will be under the lights on a cool summer evening with packed crowds. Few experiences compare to the electric feeling of bases loaded under the lights. If you give your child the simple pleasure of watching a game live, they’ll be sure to fall in love with the game in no time.

Buy them their first glove

There are few better feelings than being able to buy your child their first baseball glove and teaching them how to break it in. After the glove is broken in, you can then take them to a nearby park and show them how to correctly throw and catch baseballs. Make sure to start out pretty closely first off so that they don’t get hit by a ball accidentally, that could result in them being pretty reluctant to get back out. Let them succeed and have fun from the very start so that you can grow from there! 

Don’t put pressure on them

One really important thing to remember is to not put too much pressure on them from the start. Let them fall in love with the game on their own and in their own time. If you continue to expose them to the wonderful aspects of baseball, chances are quite good that they will soon fall in love with them on their own in no time. Once they’re fully interested, it’ll be time for you to find out about your local teams so that they can start playing organized games!