The game of basketball is one of the most watched sports in the world with over 2.2 billion people tuning into it around the globe. 

If you’re reading this knowing that you’ve got a child bouncing off the wall and you’re sat there wondering how to get your kid interested in basketball then we’ve got the guide for you.

Get them tuned in

Depending what level your child is already aware of basketball might determine exactly where on the spectator journey you start

Regardless, you need to get them watching the game and you need to share in the experience too because it’s proven that children – particularly younger ones – are more likely to form an attachment to something their parents (or caregivers) show an interest in.

So, what level do you pitch this at? Well, ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ comes out next year starring NBA finals MVP LeBron James and, if you can’t wait to tap into the cartoon loving area of your child’s mind then you could always stream the 1996 version starring the legendary Michael Jordan. 

It might sound silly but it’s exactly the sort of starting place for questions.

Beyond that, get your child watching actual footage of games – the NBA is always best. It might be that following a game is completely within your child’s capabilities with some commentary from you. 

If it does prove too much, then something like historic dunk competitions would be more likely to peak an interest owing to the showmanship side. 

Similarly, apply the same rules to attending live games. Full games might prove a hard starting step but the likes of the Harlem Globetrotters tour and they’re amazing shows tailored for younger fans.

Get them playing 

When your child starts out on their basketball journey it’s entirely plausible they won’t be in the same class as recent first overall draft pick Anthony Edwards. How good they are isn’t important. The key is getting your child active and enjoying the sport. Like with watching the sport, there are so many tiers to fully opening this door.

You can buy indoor basketball games that utilise much smaller and much softer balls but the basic concept is the same – put the ball through the hoop. Even if your child starts out with a mini hoop on their bedroom door the chances are, they’ll love playing it – even if the idea of basketball doesn’t initially appeal to them. 

You can progress these forwards at home if you have a yard or even just an area of wall where a hoop can be mounted and, like before, play with you child. Start off shooting hoops, pick them up so they can dunk the ball like their heroes on television and, as they develop, play a bit of one on one with them. They’ll enjoy the healthy competition. 

Once you’re all comfortable in your own environment get them going to parks to play – this might be with you, with friends or whatever but moving the hobby away from the comfort of their own home is good. The introduction of court lines is also a step to what we’re now coming on to – playing competitively. That’s right encourage your little ones to join teams. 

Again, forget joining the most dominant team. We’re not talking about topping the NBA betting odds here; it’s about getting your child into an environment that will develop their skills both in terms of sport and social skills. 

Support them, don’t pressure them

Finally, we cannot stress this enough. Supporting your child on their journey into the sporting world is imperative but pressurising them is the last thing you want to do. Everyone has stories of that parent on the line screeching and hollering at a kids game; nobody wants that – especially not your child. 

If your kid does start to show signs of real talent its plausible that your circles of travel become bigger as do your time commitments. If your child wants to keep cracking on then fantastic, let them. It is, however, possible that such a transition becomes daunting for them. It’s new pressure – different players, different coaches, more expectation. 

That’s your mindset. Your child is probably just thinking about integrating into a new group where they have no friends. So, what is our most important tip? Listen to your child. 

There you have it, a guide to getting your kid interested in basketball. And if you like betting on basketball, share the NBA daily picks with your kid so he can also be informed about the sport: