NSWIt’s not a secret that speeding rules in NSW are stringent, even going slightly above the speed limit can get you steep speeding fines that you won’t be able to get out from.

However, one of the most overlooked aspects of NSW speeding laws is the demerit points system that can quickly get your license suspended. If you’re not careful with this scheme, you can lose your license after incurring in a couple of infractions.

Today we’re going to show you what steps to take if you get caught speeding in NSW, how to possibly reduce or omit the penalty incurred.

Learn About the Demerit Points System

The first thing you must always keep in mind while driving is knowing how the demerit points scheme work and how many you have already accumulated. That way when you get caught speeding or commit an offense you know how many points are you away from getting a suspension and into real trouble.

The gist of the whole system is that each license type (professional, unrestricted, provisional, and learner) has a limit of points that can be accumulated if you reach or pass that threshold you can get your license suspended for up to five months.

However, there are a bunch of additional penalties for speeding that can make this process more complicated and could end up in the NSW traffic authority to refuse to renew and even revoking your license.

For more information about the demerit point system and the several offenses, you can incur you can visit the NSW Transport official website.

Get Legal Assistance

Even with knowledge of how the scheme works, you should get proper legal assistance of lawyers with experience in this area, professionals that have dealt several times with this situations and knew how to manage NSW speeding penalties and offenses.

Every time you get a ticket, either from a police officer or a mailed to your home, you should get professional assistance to protect yourself from these fines and possibly reduce or entirely omit a suspension.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve already paid the fine or admitted committing an offense or there won’t be any way to get you out of the penalty. If you get proper legal assistance right after getting a notice, you will get an adequate defense against the speeding offense.

One of the main aspects that scare people of getting legal assistance against speeding and traffic penalties is that on minor offenses it’s best to pay the fine over getting assistance. However, those minor offenses can pile up thanks to the demerit scheme, and when you might think you’re just paying for a little fine, it can scale up and turn into a license suspension.

That’s why you should seek even legal counseling; nowadays most law firms offer cheap consultations for traffic offenses that can save you from the dire situation of losing your license, which can turn into wasting money and time in other means of transportation.

Prevention vs. Defense

The best way to protect yourself from speeding penalties is to prevent incurring in them, learn how to drive defensively and always be vigilant of modifications to speed limits and other restrictions. This way you’ll never have to worry about penalties.

However, it’s easier said than done, and with NSW strict rules it’s easy to either forget them or get in trouble because of a change in a specific street’s speeding limits. In those cases, you should always seek to obtain legal counseling to see if you can get a reduction.