Home renovations

If you’ve been staring at the same four walls for what feels like forever and you’ve started feeling the urge to shop for new comforters, pick out neutral paint colors to brighten a room and call up Santa Barbara interior designers, you might subconsciously be thinking that your home just doesn’t quite have the cozy vibe you want. The home is a place where you should be able to relax, forget about outside worries and be yourself, so having a truly comforting place to call home can make a difference in how you feel. When you’re not sure how you can accomplish this or whether it would require renovations or just new décor, try referring to some of these top tips.

When in Doubt, Focus on Creating a Welcoming Kitchen

Anyone who’s ever heard the expression that the kitchen is the heart of the home can relate to the importance of this one particular room. While it might be tempting to splurge on, for instance, a renovated living room when your budget is tight or you’re not sure where to start, consider adding the kitchen to your short list for renovations or changes. After all, when the kitchen looks bright and clean, the rest of the house can’t help but look a bit cozier as well. You can even get the help of a kitchen designer Los Angeles to guide the way and achieve the specific feel you want while still keeping the kitchen a functional space.

Swap Out Old Pillows, Bedding and Throws for Plush Options

Although you might have had your old bed set for years, if it’s thin and worn out, it likely won’t provide you the cozy feelings of comfort you want. Instead, consider swapping them out for more plush, soothing choices. It’s up to you how much you want to change, but items to consider replacing could include:

  • Your bed pillows and couch throw pillows
  • Comforters, sheets and other bedding items
  • Bedside rugs or carpet

Make Adjustments to Your Lighting Situation

For truly tight budgets, one of the best fixes is, fortunately, practically free! Just changing your lighting can make your home feel brighter and happier, and this could be accomplished as easily as opening a window, moving furniture that’s blocking the light, changing the light bulbs or removing blackout curtains. Conversely, if you want to dim the lights to create a different ambience, you can put up blinds or curtains, or even put dimmers on your light switches.

Especially if you’ve been at home a lot lately and need an extra dose of comfort, making some small changes to your house to make it feel cozier can have a significant payoff in terms of how warm and comfy you’ll feel in your home. Whether you want to do a full-on renovation of some rooms or simply switch up some of the décor to create a cozier vibe, these tips make it straightforward to take your house and make it into the ultra-relaxing space you can’t wait to spend more time in. With the help of an interior designer, this dream could become your everyday reality.