glass pool fence

While glass pool fencing looks beautiful, many homeowners assume it is not as safe as other fencing options. Quite the opposite, glass pool fences are actually one of the strongest and most durable fences on the market! They are a great option for households with young children. This type of pool fencing is built with ½” thick tempered safety glass, which is six times stronger than regular float glass and nearly impossible to break. Glass pool fences come with many other benefits such as clear views to monitor children or enjoy a beautiful landscape, self-closing and self-latching gates, keeping animals from gardens, and opening up the flow of your space. A glass pool fence is an asset that boosts both the monetary and aesthetic value of your property.

Professional Installation vs DIY

Glass pool fencing is frameless and seamless with an effortless design. It can become a DIY project for those with construction experience, although this is not ideal for the typical homeowner because the glass is heavy and requires multiple workers to install. Rest assured there are many reputable companies who can take care of the entire process, from measuring to design and installation.

Cost of Glass Pool Fences

Pool fence cost is typically based on the overall linear footage of your project. If budget is an issue, you can try a smaller layout. Glass pool fence systems come with a warranty and will include all the materials needed to complete the job. Purchasing a glass pool comes with many benefits, although it may be expensive to some it ensures safety on your property and prevents tragic accidents. For families with young children, safety is the number one thing to consider.