Unfortunately, 40-50% of marriages end in divorce. At face value, this statistic is disheartening.

However, this also means that 60-50% of marriages succeed! This number can be further increased by paying a bit more attention to your partner, and addressing small concerns before they become big concerns. 

When it comes to how to keep a marriage alive the key is to address and anticipate not just your partner’s needs, but their wants as well. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding small ways to surprise your partner! 

If you’re looking for some tips for being married, read on to learn more! 

Respect and Appreciate Your Partner

Take a few moments every day to thank your partner, or go out of your way to show you appreciate them. This is one of the best ways to keep your marriage alive. By acknowledging what your partner does for you, you’re showing that you value them and aren’t taking them for granted.

Everyone conveys love in a different way. You might consider leaving notes for your partner to find, or you might do the chores you know they hate. Whatever your love language is, take a few minutes to show your appreciation for what your partner does for you.

Get Spicy In the Bedroom

It’s easy to fall into a routine, and you might find yourself having sex less frequently. It’s been proven that maintaining a healthy sex life is key to keeping the passion alive and maintaining a marriage. With that in mind, try scheduling sex more often!

If you’re not in the mood, try acting as if you are in the mood. Sometimes this will fire up your hormones! You can get your engines going by trying some new tricks in the bedroom. 

Try getting touchy, and using a sensual massage. Intimate touching helps to reinforce your bond and can lead to a more active sex life. You might also take a look at some sex toys, which will help keep things fresh in the bedroom. 

Spend Time Alone

It might be counterintuitive to say that spending time alone is how to stay married. But, it should come as no surprise that resentment and unhappiness can cause divorce. Prevent them by allocating the time for personal hobbies and activities. 

Whether you love running or reading, spend take some time and enrich yourself. A strong sense of self is actually a contributing factor for increased levels of intimacy! 

Schedule Date Night

Some of the best marriage advice is to keep dating your partner. Even though you’ve already married the love of your life, there’s no reason to stop dating!

Stay spontaneous when possible, and try new things so you don’t get caught in a rut. This could be as simple as trying a different brewery!

If you have a busy lifestyle or kids, schedule regular one-on-one time with your partner. This could mean making a standing appointment with a babysitter every Friday. Invest the time and effort to continue romancing your partner. 

How to Keep a Marriage Alive? Foster Passion

Hopefully, this article will have given you some ideas for how to keep a marriage alive. By spending some time being proactive in your relationship instead of coasting, you can easily foster passion in and out of the bedroom to forge a stronger relationship.

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