Krakow is one of the most enchanting and romantic cities in Europe and beyond, the Vistula River flowing through the city with its lit bridges reflecting across the water suffused with the moonlight, the medieval town square with all its roads and alleyways leading to the cafes, bars and bistros adorned and decorated with flowers and candlelit tables in the open air. Krakow brings out the desire and passion that you willingly share with the person you cherish in an atmosphere of love and excitement that Krakow succours and you drink to your future but also imbibe the wonder of Krakow.

To further enhance your weekend, although Krakow merits a few more days more to really appreciate it, the following is a perfect guide to live and experience Krakow as if you are a local couple enjoying that buzz and thrill of being together. Naturally, where do you stay? The Old Town or Kazimierz also known as the Jewish Quarter, these two areas are central and you won’t require public transport to get around the city. You can find some cosy and intimate apartments in and around Rynek, the medieval square but if you prefer a hotel arrangement you are spoilt for choice.


The novelty of being together for a romantic break early on in the relationship is always easier as the emotions render the excited and starry-eyed couple concerned more pliable in getting to know each other better whereas the fiancé & fiancée stage requires that early discovery period experiences and knowledge acted upon or even bettered with a particular surprise maybe. Married couples with or without children will relish harking back to the once created electric atmosphere and a rejoicing return to that spirit of just us with all the everyday responsibilities thrown to the wind for short time of fun and avow once again their love for one another. Krakow has all that you need to kindle your feelings of tenderness and undying passion for each other that you will keep in your minds and hearts for all eternity. Come with me now to a more practical guide to achieve your most alluring and seductive weekend romantic getaway in the equally charming, seductive and enchanting Krakow.   

Now for some local curiosities you may wish to follow or do. Every city has a Lovers Bridge and Krakow is no exception. While on a romantic stroll by the Vistula River there is a footbridge that connects Kazimierz to Podgorze you will see thousands of padlocks affixed to the railings, all by couples declaring their undying and eternal love for each other, you lock it to the bridge then throw the key in the river some of the padlocks are engraved with the names of the happy couples, if you are there when it’s dark the lighting and intermittent cherubs and angels that adorn the bridge witness your promise of forever. You might wish to continue along the riverside promenade as there are floating cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Continuing with the romantic stroll theme a visit to the Kosciuszko Mound during the daytime is quite refreshing, it is dedicated to a polish hero Tadeusz Kosciusko and his quest for freedom and equal rights, the mound is man-made and the view from the peak is astounding also similar another mound, a Pagan tomb no less, the Kopiec Mound and the folk legend being that King Krak the original founder of Krakow in the 11th century is supposedly buried there. As the Vistula river plays a major role in the history of Krakow there are lots of activities associated with it, river cruises being one to various landmarks on the banks. A cruise to the Tyniec castle and cathedral is one of the favourites and to see Tyniec monastery built on a sheer cliff face is breath-taking. 


A pleasant day out for the both of you and lunch in the restaurants within the grounds while visiting. The river cruises are available in the evenings too with several offering boat parties aboard. Back on dry land and although you may have seen Rynek Square at night but during the daylight hours it reveals its underground museum, see how Krakowians lived 800 years ago, basically there is another city below the city for you experience with its interactive exhibitions. Let’s not omit Krakow’s most folklore tale, the Legend of the Wawel Dragon, follow the story by visiting Wawel castle and the dragon’s lair below the castle on the banks of the Vistula. Last but not the least a great romantic attraction is to take a horse carriage tour ( ) around the Main Market Square.


But Krakow is not only a great romantic travel destination – since many international couples meet here and fall in love with each other, many couples decide to organise their stag or hen do weekends in Krakow as well. There are many expert stag companies like e.g.: who can handle the entire booking process of your Krakow stag do and take the stress of your shoulders. Krakow has an extremely vivid nightlife scene, and offers a huge selection of stag do activities, and since the prices are still not in Euros but in Polish Zlotys, it also is still very affordable.

The above is just a fraction of places worth visiting in Krakow on your romantic trip. There are plenty of other options including personalised city tours and sightseeing for couples. One thing is sure – Krakow will magically enchant you and welcome you into its heart, it is a city steeped in heroes, passion, bravery and love and for those honouring these cultural sentiments will always be considered a local. Your romantic getaway or break with some sweet honey and the silver moon will emblaze and entwine your hearts to become a honeymoon. Here’s to your future – “Kocham Cie na zawsze” (will love you forever ;).