LA's Craziest Traffic Laws

Los Angeles is a unique metropolitan area, and home to some of the country’s most distinctive drivers. It’s also home to some of America’s most interesting traffic laws, notable for how outdated, obscure or downright odd some of them truly are. Here are some of the craziest rules currently on the books in the City of Angels.

No Highway Hunting

It wouldn’t seem like something you need to specifically outlaw, but it is indeed against local laws in the L.A. area to shoot wildlife from within a moving vehicle. Apparently, exceptions are made in the cases of whales, though most Californians probably don’t seek to take advantage of that allowance.

In One Ear…

The traffic attorney Los Angeles drivers need should perhaps also specialize in tech toys, as motorists are permitted to use phones only when equipped with a hands-free headset. Just don’t make the mistake of inserting two earbuds at the same time—having more than one ear occupied is a quick way to a ticket.

By Proximity

There are many suburbs and cities in and around L.A. County that feature their own bizarre road rules. A traffic ticket attorney Van Nuys drivers can depend on better be ready to contend with some odd regulations, such as:

  • Arcadia residents must respect that peacocks are always entitled to the right of way when crossing streets and driveways.
  • The city of Glendale does not permit persons to leap into moving vehicles as they pass.
  • Last and not least, if you’re driving sheep through Hollywood Boulevard, be advised: no more than 2,000 animals can be shepherded through at once.

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of a law—even a very strange one—make sure you’ve got the right people in your corner. An experienced traffic attorney can make all the difference in the world, so don’t go to court alone. Contact an expert today and give yourself a fighting chance.