You have probably heard about cashback websites like Lyoness which promise its users an opportunity to make money back on their purchases, but you may not have much of an idea what exactly it is about. In fact tis is a brilliant way in which people can save money on products which they buy and the best part is that these are usually products which most people buy anyway. If you are confused about what cashback is and how it works, here is a quick guide which should hopefully answer any questions which you have.

What is Cashback?

Instead of offering you money off products by way of discounts and promotions, cashback works in a way that gives you the percentage back after buying the product. Cashback websites work with manufacturers and vendors, who are able to offer the cashback website these deals in order to sell more units of their product, and it also works as a marketing strategy for them. Cashback websites make money through small subscription fees and marketing, and the consumer is able to save money on the products which they buy.

How to Get It?

The first step is to sign up to a cashback site, it is likely that you will pay a small fee for membership but don’t worry as you will get that back with ease thanks to the cashback opportunities which you are going to have. Once you have signed up you simply need to browse through the offers which the website is offering and if any products take your fancy then you can buy them, once bought the website will credit you with a percentage of the money that you have paid, back into your account.


Generally speaking there are two ways of purchasing goods in order to get your cashback. In some cases you will make an online purchase and that will simply involve following the link from the cashback website, making the purchase and then you will be redirected back to the cashback site and your money will be credited. Alternatively you may find that some of these deals can be found in grocery stores and other shops, in this instance you would need to buy the product, keep your receipt and then upload your receipt to the website, at which point you will be credited with your cashback, super simple and a great way to save cash.


There is no catch when you get this money back into your account and if you so wish you can withdraw this money straight into your bank account. Another option is to let the cashback accrue and then once you see another great deal you can actually use that money to get yourself even more cashback.

This is a great way to save money on products which you probably buy anyway, as well as giving you the chance to get some great deals on some other exciting products.