Despite always associating varicose vein with women, men are not an exemption and do develop these veins — these bulgy veins appear dark and lumpy (normally purple or blue). As a matter of fact, in the US there is about 55% of women and about 40% male varicose veins cases. The ailment is known to affect about 50% of the older generation in the US.

Due to hormonal imbalances in pregnant women, this has always proved a problem to them. Varicose veins treatment can take many ways. You can opt for the natural process which is less costly or expensive surgeries. Instead of going for irritating medication creams or irritating and unaffordable laser surgeries — that sometimes backfire which should always be your last option if everything else fails.

It is, however, advisable to try some of the natural techniques that we will list down for you to Make Your Legs Feel and Look Great.

We all love good legs and this article will give you the most natural ways to deal with this problem. Your long walks at the beach or having those shots on will never be embarrassing again. Take a look… 

1. Exercise


You can lower inflammation and improve your blood flow through having regular exercise. Your veins tend to become numb if you stay in one position for far too long. This will lead to the swelling of the veins hence the pressure being felt and sent to your legs.

Pressure in the veins is what causes varicose and exercise will help your blood to flow evenly without any ardent pressure.  Some simple leg exercises like bicycle legs, side lungs and calf can strengthen the leg veins. Simple impact exercises like swimming, bicycling and walking are beneficial for varicose vein patients because they exert pressure.

2. Ensuring a Healthy Weight

Overweight people are most likely at the risk of varicose veins, more so elderly people and overweight women. Your veins will be under pressure when your legs carry the excess weight of your body. This can in turn lead to reflux or inflammation of the saphenous vein.

According to the Huffington Post, there is a great link between varicose veins and obesity. Reduce that weight if you want those sexy legs. Always remember the bigger the body the more weight your legs have to carry.

Watching what you eat and how you eat should be a concern in case you hate flabby and voluptuous legs. Going to the gym or just simple daily exercises can help cut on some unnecessary weight that is denying you the comfort of having an attractive leg especially this summer.

3. Useful Oils for Balancing Hormones


Hormonal imbalances and improved blood flow can be checked with essential oils. Cypress oil is one of the commonly used to cure vein issues. You can apply this oil on your legs daily for better results. Other oils include lavender oil, peppermint and tea tree.

These oils have been medically proven that’s why they are found in most of the cosmetics we use daily. When applied evenly to the affected area you can achieve great results within the shortest time. It all depends on how persisted you are and how much you want that attractive leg. 

4. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Some foods assist in reversing inflammation hence improving blood flow which in turn helps in curing varicose veins very fast and prohibiting their future in current ones from forming. Indulging in poor diet — consisting of sugar, trans fats, alcohol, processed food and caffeine, — can bring about to arterial damage, blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, low circulation, and abnormal weight gain.

These abnormalities are the major causes of varicose veins. These foods also contain high amounts of sodium which leaves your body dehydrated and also carries toxins that will increase the varicose veins swelling.

5. Natural Herbs like Horse Chestnut and Bilberry


Horse chestnuts and Bilberry have been used for thousands of years to treat varicose veins. They have been very effective and quick and easily accessible remedies. There have been clinical study in relation to chronic venous insufficiency that has caused ankle swelling, leg cramping, feelings of heaviness, and itching.

Water retention in the circulation can also be cured with these natural herbs. Any type of skin related ailment. You can either make tea or eat the bilberry plant, either way it both perfectly works.

The horse chestnut also referred to buckeye produces leaves, bark, flowers, and seeds which can be extracted and found in capsule or tea and cream/lotion form.  These two herbal products will definitely bring back your leg game and you will never skip leg day.


Leaving varicose veins untreated will dictate how closely to unattractive you would love your legs to be looking. Men mostly are not so much concerned about their legs, but times are changing, and nobody wants to be left behind. Having good legs is an added advantage more so to people who care about their bodies. Those ugly leg swellings caused by sometimes our daily life choices can be dealt with by following the routines as mentioned earlier.