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The purpose of responsive design within web development is to enables website creation which reacts to the size of the screen it is being used on. Optimising your users experience online with responsive web design makes each and every page on your website fitted to whichever device it is being viewed on, which makes your website more versatile online and therefore brings in more traffic to your website.

Mobile browsing is dominating the online world, something to keep in mind when developing or redesigning your website.

Spread Out

Responsive web design means that you only need one site as oppose to several, to be seen on any device. 

Tablet and mobile users are increasing rapidly. Responsive website design is encouraging businesses to invest in their online marketing and social media, now more than ever, because they know that one piece of amazing content can be more easily distributed, and they only have to post it once. A knockout 40% of new business see their traffic come from mobiles and tablets.

Making Conversions

As in any business, the better the experience the more loyal your consumers will be. Why should this be any different online? A consistently positive experience online means quick loading times, easy navigation, and neatly categorised products. 

You want to have an impressive impact on website newcomers and that will increase the likelihood of making conversions. Prove to customers that your delivery quality services consistently and that they can always find what they’re looking for on your website. Once you’re driven in initial traffic you can start monitoring your user’s data such as location, age and time spent on your website in Google analytics. You can even develop reports to analyse for specific elements on data.

SEO Puts You in the Lead

Proper Search Engine Optimisation can take up a large portion of you time, but responsive web design means you only need one strategy for your entire site and have the same amount of effectiveness across devices.

Content is paramount to good SEO strategies. This means no duplication of previous content and healthy file sized images. Adjusting your websites information to show up in the results more easily is better for localised searches, which are proving to be the best strategy if you’re a business with a high street store or operating premise. 

Experts in digital agencies such as Stockport website design firms are the team you need rooting for you as your embark on your journey into the world of business online.