Stand Out: 12 Unique Anniversary Ideas

Each year, as another anniversary passes, you do your best to think of unique anniversary ideas. You want to do something different each year. Planning the same boring anniversary dinner can lose its spark after time. 

Although enjoying a delicious anniversary dinner together is always a must, you can take the entire day up a notch by exploring different unique anniversary ideas for couples. What else can you plan around your typical dinner date? You’ll have the whole day or evening to fit in some other romantic activities. 

You’re thinking and thinking but having trouble deciding on what to plan. We know how difficult it can be to create the perfect anniversary date. For this reason, we’ve created a guide on some simple anniversary ideas that are sure to impress. 

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1. Revisit Your First Date

Think back to the first time the two of you realized you wanted to be with one another. Think back to that very first date the two of you went on. Do you remember how much fun you had?

Was it a big flop and didn’t go the way it was planned? Either way, revisiting the place where you had that first date will mean a lot to your significant other. It might even bring up some funny stories and lots of laughs and smiles. 

No matter how well the date went back then, look at where it led the two of you? For this reason, it’s worth reliving again. 

2. Take a Day Trip/Road Trip

You want to go on vacation for your anniversary, but maybe you don’t have the time. If you’re unable to plan an extravagant vacation, there are still other great options. Take a day trip or road trip to another city that’s nearby. 

Maybe you’ll travel to the other side of the state for the day or visit a nature park within driving distance. Do some research on your state and different neat places to visit. Your day trip can be anywhere you want.

Think of unique restaurants worth visiting, beaches, national parks, and more. 

3. Plan a Camping Trip

There’s no better way to enjoy good quality time with someone than camping together. When you plan a camping trip for your anniversary, you and your significant other will spend several hours together with no distractions from the outside world. 

You’ll have your cozy tent to sleep in each night and a few different activities at the campground to try. A camping trip gives the two of you a good amount of alone time. Use it to explore the world around you and each other all over again. 

4. Schedule a Food Tour

Are the two of you a pair of foodies? Food lovers will enjoy going on a food tour. Research different food tours in your area to see what you can find. You might have one in your own backyard that you didn’t know about. 

Otherwise, you should be able to find one in a nearby city. Most food tours allow attendees to take samples of food items and drinks from various cafes, restaurants, pubs, and breweries. See what stops are on the tour and then decide if it’s something the two of you would enjoy. 

It’s also a great way to try new food spots around you. Who knows, you might find a new favorite place!

5. Turn Your Home Into a Spa

You can always plan a spa day at a local spa, but you can also get a bit creative and turn your home into a DIY spa oasis. It doesn’t take much time or effort to complete the transformation either. Dim the lights or use candles and diffuser lights to set the mood. 

Lay 800Florals roses throughout the house and prepare the bed with all your spa essentials. Purchase some massage oils and use calming essential oils in the diffusers. Heat a few towels in the dryer so they’re nice and warm for the massage. 

You can even prepare face masks and foot masks as well. To tie it all together, make sure to have a plate of fruits and cheeses available along with a glass of wine. 

6. Visit an Amusement Park

When’s the last time the two of you felt like kids again? It’s common to become so consumed in your busy everyday life that you forget how to let loose and have fun. Use your anniversary as an excuse to do just that.

Plan a day to visit an amusement park! If the two of you are able to take off one day during the week, then this is ideal. There will be fewer crowds during the week and the two of you can enjoy exploring the park together. 

If you don’t have an amusement park near you, then consider planning a weekend away to visit one and just be kids again. 

7. Take an Art or Cooking Class

A great way to bond with your partner is by learning something new together. Look into different art or cooking classes offered near you. Find one you think you and your significant other would like to try and sign up!

There are many great cooking classes you can take in person or online. Plus, it’s a lot of fun cooking new dishes and getting to taste them. Art classes can range from a pottery class to a painting class. 

Choose something you haven’t done before and then have some fun!

8. Spend the Day at Home

You might be able to find plenty of things to do outside of your home for your anniversary, but who says you have to leave your house to have a great day? Sometimes, spending the day at home with one another is all you need. 

Stay at home and enjoy one another’s company. You can enforce a no-electronics rule and spend the day playing board games, talking, cooking meals, and just hanging out. You can also plan a movie marathon date and watch all of your favorite movies.

Just be sure to prepare all the best snacks ahead of time!

9. Go on a Picnic Together

The idea of going on a picnic is underrated. You see couples in movies and TV shows go on picnics together, but have you tried it yourself? There’s so much to love about a beautiful, relaxing picnic. 

For starters, you can choose your own picnic location. This can be a local nature park, a beach, up in the mountains, or anywhere you can think of that’ll have nice scenery. Pack some wine, snacks, water, and finger foods for a simple meal. 

When you’re done eating, the two of you can pack up the picnic and walk around the park.

10. Try a New/Exciting Activity

What’s something the two of you have never done before? Now is a great time to try a new and exciting activity. This can be anything.

Maybe you want to spice things up in the bedroom and purchase costumes or new games for the bedroom. Maybe you’re feeling adventurous and want to try sky diving for the first time. If neither of you has been to a certain type of sporting event before, then you might want to buy tickets for that.

There are so many different things that the two of you can try for the first time together. In doing so, you’ll have a bond experience you’ll never forget. 

11. Watch a Show Together

A great way to end the evening is to watch a show together. No, we don’t mean cuddling up on the couch watching reruns. Although, this isn’t a bad idea either!

We’re talking about visiting a comedy club, movie theater, or concert venue. Look up some information online about different events/shows going on near you. Pick something you think your partner would enjoy and then plan a romantic evening around it. 

12. Make Homemade Gifts

Anyone can plan a night out exploring the town and all the different things there are to do and see. Not everyone can create a homemade gift for your significant other with a meaning behind it. Think of something you know they want or need. 

What’s something that you can make at home that shows them you love them and know them well. A homemade gift will be something they cherish for a lifetime. 

Which Unique Anniversary Ideas Will You Try?

Did one of these unique anniversary ideas catch your eye? With so many great ideas to choose from, selecting only one might be difficult. If you see several great ideas you want to try, then consider planning an anniversary week or weekend and fit in a few different ideas listed above. 

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