Skin Care

Unlike hair, makeup, and fashion trends, usually skincare trends do not get much attention from the lifestyle and beauty industries. However, that will change this summer. Taking center stage, the summer of 2019 will be healthy skin and the pursuit of it, as people are beginning to take a more rounded approach to their beauty as well as what they put into their bodies. Here is what you can expect in the summer of 2019: 

1. Require Skincare Advice? Check an App! 

Regardless of the question or need you may have, in 2019, there is an app you can check. According to Dr. Janet H. Prystowsky, MD, Ph.D. dermatologist, developers are trying to assist people with their skin issues, including the American Academy of Dermatology. 

In addition to apps for your smartphone, you can expect to see an array of smart beauty devices. These tools can be easily connected to the internet, mobile apps, and Bluetooth. 

2. SPF Will Increase and Become Cleaner

As awareness about skin cancer increases, individuals are willing to recommend a higher SPF. The days of tanning beds are almost over. The younger generation is learning the risk of needless sun exposure and is starting to have at-home tanning products that require no harmful UV rays. And in response to global warming, they go all natural with their formula. 

In addition to using higher-SPF sunscreen due to the risk of skin cancer, consider applying Vitamin C and E Ferulic Acid Serum for added protection against the suns dangerous UV rays. 

3. Light Therapy Remains Big

While this type of therapy is not new, new studies show additional benefits of LED light therapy. This is leading more dermatologist to prescribe light therapy to their patients. According to aesthetic medicine specialist and CEO and founder of Beauty Cult, Dr. Clara Yu, there has and continues to be many studies on the healing power of LED lights. Dr. Yu explains how the various lights can treat different skin problems such as yellow is for anti-aging, red is for inflammation, green is for skin pigmentation, and blue is for acne. By mixing this therapy with your daily skincare routine 2-3 times each week, your results will be significantly faster.

4. More Individuals Will Choose Professional Skin Care in Summer 2019

More individuals are checking out professional skin care products as the interest in skin care increases. For daily maintenance, traditional skin care regimens will remain a must. However, to obtain faster results, the summer 2019 skin care trend is going toward more medical-grade and scientific products. With cell signaling and better delivery, the consumer can expect to see better and faster results, especially with products for anti-aging that help with the formation of collagen. 

For daily maintenance, consider applying the best matrixyl serum for anti-aging benefits with the Dermaroller from Timeless Skin Care.

To learn about all the trends the summer of 2019 has in store for us, reach out to one of our specialists at Timeless Skin Care