The 8 Best Advanced Toddler Toys of 2019

Gifted toddlers need plenty of intellectual stimulation. Find out here 8 of the best smart toys for toddlers of 2019.

Some studies suggest that excessive screen time affects a child’s ability to develop and perform optimally. The studies recommend that parents should control screen time for children.

Playtime is essential to help your child develop social skills and interactions while among other children.

Active toddlers will need to explore everything besides letters and numbers. They need art, music, science, history, and every aspect of the world as it’s still a new adventure to them. They easily get cranky when they stick to one place while all they want is to move around and expend some of their energies.

It may be difficult to get the perfect gift for your toddler and some toys may be repetitive and boring after playing for some time. It’s important you check the manufacturer’s recommendations of age group toys so that you get age-appropriate toys.

Gifted toddlers need plenty of intellectual stimulation. Below are 8 of the best smart toys for toddlers of 2019.

1. Folding Trampoline for Children

If your toddler loves to jump around, this will allow him to jump his heart off. It’s a weather-proof mat with a coated steel frame and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s safe and fitted with a padded cover that prevents your toddler from stepping through the bungee cords.

Children below two years should be supervised while playing on the trampoline.
As toddler starts to initiate conversation or produce simple sentences, they can jump on the trampoline as they spell words or even count.

2. Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys 36 Count

As your child enjoys their bath, they can learn how to identify letters and numbers. The numbers and letters float on water – they can pick them and stick them on the wall to form words or count. You should not be worried about any damage to your walls.

To build more words may need more than one of each letter or making big numbers, you can get an extra package.

Educational toys will engage your toddler for longer periods of time as they experience neural stimulation.

3. Little Tikes Wonder Lab

If your toddler is a little scientist or loves experimenting, this toy will bring the magical aspect of science with its STEM lab. It’s a toy that requires some parental supervision as it comes with over 50 accessories to use for 20 experiments. Any 5-year-old would be excited to wear the white coat and goggles and making potions.

Gifted children who are exposed to educational STEM opportunities, develop an interest in publishing academic papers and may earn patents or have high-level careers in the future.

4. National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit

This is an educational toy that will help your toddler know the different species of shark as they excavate three real shark teeth fossils. The kit comes with fully fitted equipment to dig and discover the fossilized teeth. Your toddler will learn some fun shark facts and use the guide in the kit to identify the different species.

To encourage a child’s curiosity and develop confidence using this game, parents can ask questions about the sharks and their child could teach them what she knows about them. This also helps in developing public speaking abilities.

5. Brio Play and Learn Musical Caterpillar

Get this toy to teach your toddler the basics of making music. It’s a very colorful developmental toy and helps with strengthening a child’s memory.

Your toddler will learn that to make melody he needs to connect the head and tail of the caterpillar. These connect can be done in over 10 different ways.

This game will help your child practice patience when connecting the parts. If he has a keen ear for music, so they may develop an interest in music as a career in future.

6. Anatex Mini Play Cube

Curious toddlers will find this toy entertaining and educational as well. This is a 12*12 mini play cube that will help them learn counting, identification of letters, eye-hand coordination, and other cognitive skills.

The cube can be placed on the table or floor and comes with a mini coaster, gears, pathfinder, abacus, and spinning alphanumeric tiles. Gifted children below three years will enjoy playing with this toy as it helps them exercise their fine motor skills development.

7. I Q Blox Smart Toys for Toddlers

Though it’s designed to be played alone, your child can team up with other children to solve the puzzle challenges. It’s a colorful box with 120 challenges and has 7 game pieces and four walls included. A player must fit the pieces within the four walls once a game card presents a challenge.

Challenges become difficult as the game progresses as all the pieces must fit within the confined walls. This game has some small pieces that may be harmful to children below two years – these pieces should be kept away from them.

The early cognitive ability makes more impact on a toddler and will help them develop focus. It’s therefore vital to develop your child’s intellectual abilities and problem-solving skills using this game.

8. Kaplan Toddler Pain Easel

This a top toddler toy as it helps develop your child’s artistic and painting creativity. It’s a 20*30 two-sided easel and its legs are a bit short for ease of reach by toddlers. The painting easel has suction cups on each leg that holds it on the floor without movement.

This feature helps in retaining stability. On each side of the easel, there is a paint cup tray that holds fours paint cups. This toy highly recommended for children above 2 years as it helps them communicate through art and develop social skills.

Nurture Your Child

You nurture your bright toddler and keep them happy when you buy smart toys for toddlers. You expose your child to diverse experiences that help to support their intellectual and emotional needs.

When your child takes intellectual risks or uses their failures as learning opportunities, your toddler will develop a growth mindset.

When shopping for a gift, think about what you want your child to learn before making a purchase.