Given the action-packed nature of tennis, there are many advantages to immersing yourself in the game which has created some of the sporting world’s most iconic stars. While the successes of world-renowned stars, such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer, are unlikely to be reached by beginners, that doesn’t detract from tennis’ personally beneficial outlook. So, let’s take a look at three of the main reasons to take up tennis. 

Enhance Brain Power 

One of the main reasons why tennis is recorded as being the fifth-most popular sport across the globe, according to Sports Show, with a fanbase of approximately one billion people, is because of the court-based game’s brain-boosting abilities. As per a report by Elite Sports Clubs, there are numerous mental benefits to playing tennis.  

Crucially, as the sport is one that is often decided by the narrowest of margins, participation is thought to enhance mental alertness and tactical thinking. When you also factor in how the racket-orientated sport assists with critical thinking, it becomes clear to see how on-court experience can ensure personal mental development.  

The split-second calculations that are required in tennis force players to make more timely decisions. In turn, this allows for the desired action to make connections with the brain to produce more well-thought-out shots. Moreover, the problem-solving skills that are central to tennis will also aid those who play in regards to their critical thinking in off-court activities.  

Increase Aerobic Capacity  

Furthermore, along with tennis helping to develop brainpower, it’s also immensely beneficial from a physical standpoint. There are no doubts that, for those at a professional level, tennis is one of the globe’s more grueling sports given its set-based format. Unlike other options, tennis is unique in relation to the type of movement that is required while on the court. This is because it is typically made up of many quick bursts as opposed to consistent sprinting or jogging.  

Novak Djokovic” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Carine06

Fundamentally, the reason that tennis is such a productive sport to take up from an aerobic standpoint is that it helps to increase oxygen intake. Health Fitness Revolution state tennis aids in the development of numerous capillaries and capillary beds, which, in turn, helps to reduce the rate at which players become fatigued. It’s a testament to the physical demands of tennis that the 17-time Grand Slam winner, Djokovic, is considered as being one of fittest athletes of all time. Crucially, the Serbian’s work rate is one of the reasons why he’s currently +150 to win the 2020 US Open with tennis betting, as of June 12th.  

Social Fluidity 

Aside from the obvious health benefits that surround tennis, there are also a number of social advantages that come with playing the sport. Although the team-based version of tennis isn’t on the same scale as the likes of basketball and soccer, doubles matches do allow for social integration.   

However, if this is not for you, then the ability to socialize is still available in the singles format, albeit with two fewer participants. That said, playing as a team, especially in tennis, is thought to be undeniably beneficial as it helps to develop communication.   

Give Tennis a Go 

Ultimately, it’s hard to ignore that there are numerous mental and physical benefits of playing tennis. Moreover, aside from aiding on-court performance, the skills and values that are developed through participation are likely to prove beneficial to a wide array of non-sporting environments. Because of this, it’s clear to see how tennis has been able to amass the fifth-largest sporting audience in the world.