With a growing workforce of remote workers around the world there comes a growing demand for creative and like-minded spaces to work. Despite the beachside laptop photo next to a coconut drink you might see depicted on Instagram, the reality is workers still crave structured centers with like-minded workers to really get things done. When in Bangkok here are some of the best coworking spaces for remote workers.

24-hour access

You might have escaped the 9-5, however, not everyone else has and if you are making a presentation or required to be on a conference call with the 9-5 world you might need some 24-hour office space. The Hive could be what you are looking for. A well-decorated workspace spanning over six floors with plenty of light during the day and night. There is an outdoor terrace, onsite restaurant, includes free coffee, tea, and water. There’s even a chill-out area and lounge for that 3 am coffee break.

Spaces to unwind

Looking for a place that feels more like a warm hug when you walk in the door? Then the warm welcoming atmosphere of Muchroom might be what you are after. With events to stimulate togetherness, like Tuesdays afternoon tea or Wednesday yoga, your just as likely to make lifetime friends as you are to wrap up that major project. Muchroom also has private meeting rooms if you need to accommodate a group and beautiful outdoor gardens for when your groups needs to be outside.

Hands-on creative art centers

Not all remote workers are writing code and developing web pages, some are creating art and turning out textiles. For these people, Hubba to Co-creation has provided a stimulating space where you can still get your hands dirty. With sewing machines to work on your next fashion piece, ceramic spins to turn out a ceramic template and a pattern printer to bring your ideas to life. It truly is a space catering to the hands-on creative types. You can even try out some of there offered classes if you are looking to expand your creativity.

Places to live and work

If the idea of going to work in your pajamas is what you have always dreamed of, then spaces where you can live and work will bring that dream to reality. Oneday hostel and it’s Forward coworking space has it all. One part hostel with kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop and laundry all onsite to services all your living needs. The other part is a well designed co-working space with high speed internet, private desks and a high quality printer. It’s like your own home office.

If you are looking to work, rest, play within the beautifully culture rich city of Bangkok, you’ll be happy to know there are some quality coworking options to get things done. Try out one or all of our recommendations and you might find yourself making friends while making money in one of these great coworking spaces.