Things To Consider When Choosing Fishing Charters

When you choose a fishing charter, there are several things to consider. Besides the captain’s license, you will need to consider the cost of your charter, what is included, and the types of fishing charters. Read on to find out more about the basics of fishing charters.

Common Types

You’ll have a few options to spend a day fishing in the open ocean. One popular option is deep sea fishing on local fishing charters Jacksonville FL. These trips can be full-day adventures or overnight excursions. However, regardless of the length of the trip, deep sea fishing isn’t for the faint of heart.

Offshore fishing takes place in waters at least nine miles from shore and can reach depths of 50 feet to a few hundred feet. During these trips, anglers are more likely to come across aquatic predators, which are big fish. As a result, offshore fishing charters are usually longer than inshore charters, with a full-day trip being the norm.

Another type of fishing charter is for larger groups. These vessels are generally larger than group charter boats and used for larger anglers groups. They are also built for fishing in deep waters.

License Requirements

The US Coast Guard must license the captain to operate a fishing charter. This license requires a certain level of experience and training and several requirements. For example, he must have completed a USCG-approved safe boating course and served on a boat for at least 120 days. In addition, he must enroll in a random drug-screening program.

As a fishing charter captain, you must have a guide’s license and purchase all the necessary fishing gear. Most fishing charter captains also have an OUPV license, which stands for the operator of an uninspected passenger vessel, which is required if you plan to operate your boat for less than six passengers and travel up to 100 miles away from shore.


When choosing a fishing charter, ask what’s included in the price. Many fishing charters will consist of all of the equipment you need to catch fish, as well as a license for the trip. They will also provide fishing poles, tackle, and plenty of bait. Some charters will even give a quick lesson on how to use their equipment.

Many people have never fished before, so they may be unsure what to expect. The first step is communicating with the captain and crew and setting expectations beforehand. Be sure to ask any questions and to make sure that the crew understands all of your fishing preferences.


The cost of a fishing charter depends on many factors, including location and demand for the area. Charter boats that charge more per hour usually invest in top-quality upkeep and maintenance. This means that they will have a clean exterior and interior. They also have routine engine and mechanical maintenance. The price you pay will also depend on the length of the trip. The cost of a fishing charter will depend on the number of people you are traveling with. Most party boats accommodate 60 to 150 people.

Cancellation Policy

When booking a fishing charter, you must consider the cancellation policy of the company you’re booking with. Cancellations are accepted up to seven days before the activity date. You’ll receive a seventy-five percent refund if you’ve paid in full. Otherwise, you’ll forfeit your deposit. However, there is no charge for rescheduling.

Cancellation policies vary, but generally, you’ll be reimbursed for your deposit if you cancel more than fourteen days before your scheduled departure date. If you cancel at the last minute, however, you’ll be charged the total amount of your fishing charter.