Top 4 Gift Ideas to Keep Kids Active This Winter

The winter season is perfect for wrapping up, snuggling under cozy blankets, and keeping warm with a cup of hot cocoa in front of the TV. Unfortunately, kids may entertain this idea a handful of times before getting bored and wreaking havoc. Cabin fever is real, and if you want to keep your kids stimulated, you have got to up your winter game. Not to mention, staying cooped up inside all day isn’t particularly healthy for growing children. Here are four great gift ideas to help keep your kids active this winter.

Ice Skates

When the ice begins to set in the local lake, make sure your child is well-equipped with a pair of skates to enjoy the natural ice rink. Ice skating is a fantastic winter sport for people of all ages, and it’s ideal to begin at a young age. Recreational skates are ideal for kids who are absolute beginners. However, if your child truly enjoys skating, opt for figure ice skates or ice hockey skates. Figure ice skates are better for technical skating, while ice hockey skates provide good protection and are generally more comfortable to wear. For an array of ice hockey skates at a reduced price, make sure you use this Pure Hockey shipping promo code

Action Camera to Capture Adventures

Whether you’re jetting off to a winter wonderland this Christmas, going skiing in a wintertime destination, or you’re planning to enjoy the festive period at home, an action camera will help your child capture all of the special moments. With an action camera, your child can record unique moments. Such as a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride in Lapland, their first snowplow down a snowy peak, and local winter adventures they share with their friends.

Your child will have just as much fun looking back at all the memories as when they make them. Just make sure the camera is weatherproof and child-friendly. Not to mention, it should be built with quality motion stabilizing technology so that videos and images, including the ones taken with a shaky hand, come out in focus.

A Fast and Furious Sled

Sleds and snow tubes are incredibly simple gifts that can provide hours of fun for kids. Older children, who are less clumsy and can control their speed, will appreciate an ergonomically designed sled that is slick and speedy. When purchasing a sled, make sure it is made with heavy-duty material and is cold-resistant. Snow tubes are much more comfortable to use than sleds, and they are usually made with durable material.

Keep Them Safe With a Helmet

Whether you enjoy winter sports as a family or your child loves to find the steepest hill in the neighborhood to zip down on a sled, a good quality helmet can help keep your child safe. When purchasing a helmet for your child, make sure the size is perfect. The helmet should be well-fitted to your child’s head, well-ventilated, and comfortable to wear. Before making your purchase, make sure it features soft lining and a secure buckle.