There are so many places to travel in the world, and one that someone might consider going is Puerto Rico. Everyone knows that Puerto Rico is famous for its amazing beaches and pina coladas, but they also know that their whole entire vacation is not going to be built around that, so what else is there to do in Puerto Rico? There is a lot to choose from. Where should they start when there are so many things to choose from? Here is a list of some of the top unique things to see and do in Puerto Rico.

The Tanks of Flamenco Beach

A lot of people don’t even know that these exist, but it is worth checking out. This historical place is connected to World War II, and it is worth checking out, as there is a lot to learn about why these tanks are there. This is awful a spot where graffiti is commonly put, and it’s been said to give the otherwise dreary site an almost cheerful vibe. Plus, it on a beach, so it is easy to make a day out of it. Overall this is an interesting historical, beautiful, and interesting place that one should not miss out on while visiting Puerto Rico.

Tunel de Guajataca

Tunel de Guajataca is nicknamed The Black Tunnel. Why? It’s design is made so that limited light can pass through, making this an interesting experience. What’s the story behind it? It was all part of America’s quest to get rich. They planned to use it for transportation to better get to sugarcane, but it did not work out as planned. Visit this tunnel for the unique jump back into history. It’s also in a beautiful part of Puerto Rico, so it is a good place to take a lot of photos.

Casa Bacardi

This quirky place is a must see. Like history? Like odd things? This is the place to go. This is the home of the popular brand of rum that comes from the country. What’s so quirky about it? The place is covered in fake bats. From the logo to a sculpture outside, they are everywhere. It’s a great place to take a tour at or spend the day seeing just how many bats can be found. Plus it’s a place that most people don’t get to go, so it would be a fun place to tell friends about in the future.

Arecibo Observatory

This is the place for science nerds or for those looking for something completely out of the ordinary. What is it? It is a giant telescope where some major scientific discoveries have been made. It’s a place to learn a lot with some pretty breathtaking views. Call in advance for information and to set up a tour, and one will not be disappointed with what they see. This is something that most ages will enjoy. Also, it is fun yet educational, which is always a bonus.