Wedding Venue

No matter the furniture, furnishings, tableware and accessories you seek for your wedding day and venue, you have infinitely more options with rentals than buying. Even if you owned a warehouse that you could fill with your purchases, the wedding rentals market offers you infinitely more selections and styles. Here are five areas in which you can find items such as the table, chair and lantern rentals that match your vision.

1. Arbors and Backdrops

When you think about saying your vows, what do you envision as your and your intended’s frame? Do you imagine a wood pergola or a rustic teak canopy laden with vines? If you’re planning a beach ceremony, perhaps you have your sights set on fabric flags or a cirque arch entwined with flowers? Whatever your vision, with rentals you can browse an incredible variety of budget-friendly options and styles.

2. Tables

From an intimate sit-down dinner for 20 guests to a cocktail party for 200, wedding table rentals offer you the perfect size and style tables for your event.  Whether you seek 6 Sonoma tables or 30 Orleans bistro tables, you can find exactly what you want for a price that beats buying the same tables. Not only is this a price benefit but also a great opportunity to realize your vision.

3. Chairs

Chair rentals allow you to find the seating options that best fit your vision, budget and seating needs. Remember that your guests’ comfort is important to everyone’s enjoyment. With this in mind, you can choose Sophia dining chairs for sit-down meals, Regan barstools for perching, and Bordeaux sofas for lounging. You’re not obligated to pick one style or type of chair, bench, armchair or sofa. You can mix and match to your heart’s content, knowing that you can realize your needs and your vision.

4. Tableware

From glassware rental such as champagne flutes and wine goblets to place settings, linens and serving ware, tableware rentals allow you to consider an incredible range of options. Not only can you see all these options in one convenient place online but also in rentals showrooms. There’s nothing like seeing furniture, furnishings and accessories first-hand to appraise sizes, colors and textures. Tableware includes specialty items such as cake and dessert stands that can elevate your experience.

5. Lighting

Whether you dream of antique chandeliers or silver tin stars hanging from trees or kerosene lamps illuminating banquet tables, lighting rentals allow you to realize your wedding venue vision. In the retail world, lighting can be expensive but in the rental world, it’s an affordable option that offers you abundant choices. Again, as with tableware, you might even opt for a variety of styles.

Explore Your Options

If these five areas of rental options appeal to you, your wedding vision and your budget, come explore your options. Browse the website of your area specialty event design and rentals company for inventory items, showroom locations, creative ideas and FAQs. Remember, when you opt for furniture, furnishings and lantern rentals, you’re opening up yourself to limitless world of creativity, charm and comfort.