What to Know About Lethargy and Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Did you know that there are almost 50 million households in the United States that own a dog? Dogs are an amazing and loving addition to any family or home. Nothing is worse than when your furry friend is feeling down or has a chronic condition. One key thing to look out for with your pooch is lethargy and loss of appetite in dogs.

These signs could mean a number of things like a sign of illness in dogs or even dog depression. Keeping an eye out for these things is the best way to provide your dog with the best life possible.

Continue reading to learn more about what to do if your dog starts to show these signs.

Signs of Lethargy and Appetite Loss in Dogs

There are some important signs to look for if you’re worried about your dog’s wellbeing. Catching these signs early will help you get your dog the help it needs to get back to its happy and loving normal self.

If your dog is sleeping more often and for longer periods of time than normal, that is a sign of lethargy in your dog. This is especially concerning if it happens for more than a day or two.

Another sign that should alert you that something is off with your dog is if your dog isn’t eating. While dogs get picky from time to time, dogs love to eat. If your dog says “no” to human food or their favorite treats then it could be an early sign of illness in dogs like liver disease. You should consider looking at appetite-increasing products like those at baileyscbd.com.

Dogs also love to go outside and check out what’s going on. If your dog is disinterested in going outside for a walk or shows no interest in playing then it is possible that your dog isn’t feeling well.

Causes of Lethargy

One of the most common causes of lethargy in a dog is when a dog isn’t feeling well and is vomiting or having diarrhea. Another possible cause of your dog’s lethargy is heart disease. Heart disease makes your dog lethargic because your dog doesn’t get the power and energy needed for moving as much as normal.

Liver disease is another common cause of lethargy in dogs. If your dog’s liver starts to decline in health then your dog’s energy levels will start to fall and it will become more and more lethargic.

If your dog is outside a lot then Lyme Disease is another possible issue. Lyme Disease is transmitted by ticks and it leads to inflammation in your joints. It could also lead to your dog having kidney issues.

Keep Your Furry Best Friend Healthy

Lethargy and appetite loss in dogs is a definite cause for worry, but there are plenty of things you can do in order to help your pup. If your dog’s lethargy and appetite loss don’t subside after a couple of days then you should consider visiting your dog’s vet for an examination.

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