Engine Optimization

It seems as if every company is doing whatever it takes to optimize its website these days. This makes complete sense since most business comes from organic Google searching. If your site does not rank within the first page of Google search results, you’re basically doomed. Luckily, 

search engine optimization can help. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO and how to properly do it. Here you can read about the truth of SEO and how to optimize your site to the fullest. 

You should never optimize for robots

This is the first mistake made by newbies trying to develop an optimization strategy. They assume that Google is king in this scenario and that every optimization effort should be aimed at making Google happy. There is a bit of truth in this, but you need to be optimizing for people first and foremost. 

Don’t just do what you think Google is looking for, but provide relevant content that will be valuable to your people browsing your site. Google is actually way smarter than you think; when people find your site worthy of spending time on, Google knows. This will actually help you to rank higher in the long run. 

According to SiteHub, “Google’s machine learning Artificial Intelligence now understand whether or not your users are getting what they expected from your site. This trend will only continue so you should shift your focus from tech to usability. People should find your website easy to use and skim.”

You can’t just use any content

We all know that content is important. Heck, it is what makes up the ENTIRE internet. Content is important, but QUALITY content is what really matters. A lot of people just focus on quantity (yes, this is important as well) without putting any quality into the work. This is a major no no. Every piece of content relating to your site represents who you are and what you stand for, so only put valuable, entertaining, and accurate content out into the world. 

Google Analytics is a game changer

Analysis is a major aspect of SEO. You need to analyze your audience and analyze your keywords early on, and the Google Analytics tool can help you with this. This isn’t necessarily for a beginner trying to learn about proper SEO, but if you are a bit more advanced this tool could just change your life. Google Analytics will allow you to see how people are finding your site, the keywords they are using, and why they might choose to move on from the site. 

Start focusing more on UX design

Too many business owners focus on getting people to their website, but the efforts stop there. Who cares how many people make it to your site if the design features are s**t. Your site needs to be functional, simple, clean, and only contain content that is valuable to your audience. Start focusing on the overall user experience (UX) and the design features to make the UX positive.