Why Sterling Silver is your Best Choice for Lifelong Jewelry

Gold jewelry has taken center stage in the past few years. Everybody loves gold and it can be super flattering on so many people. Sterling Silver still deserves the spotlight every once in a while though. For one, it can look ultra sleek with so many different styles. It’s a versatile precious metal that is super durable, can easily be polished, and can even be oxidized for a vintage feel.

Sterling Silver is a great option for cool toned skin types but that’s not all. We love Sterling Silver for how durable it is. Even though it will tarnish over time the tarnishing does not ruin your pieces. You can use a silver polishing cloth to easily make your pieces shiny again. Wear your jewelry in the shower, ocean, and even at the gym without worrying because Sterling Silver can be worn anywhere. You don’t have to worry about damaging your favorite pieces.

You may be wondering what exactly is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a metal alloy made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (often copper).This is why you see Sterling silver stamped as .925 because it is made up of 92.5% Sterling Silver. Pure Silver would actually be far too soft to use. However, the softness of the pure metal makes it easy to polish to a high shine. Which is another reason why we love Sterling Silver for jewelry.

While Sterling Silver will scratch, dent, and dull over time it can also be polished back to perfection by a professional or at home. For lifelong jewelry that you can pass down for generations Sterling Silver provides an affordable and elegant option.

We also love Sterling Silver because it mixes well with other metals. Everybody loves a mixed metal moment so even if you are a gold gal Sterling Silver can easily blend into your existing collection. You can keep the care of your Sterling Silver super low maintenance by not getting it wet often. The more often you expose your precious metals to chemicals or water the more often you will have to polish them.

When it comes to Silver its always best to check for that .925 stamp. If it doesn’t have the stamp then there may be too much copper present which can give you the dreaded green discoloration. Making sure you source your pieces from high quality retailers will insure that your Sterling Silver won’t discolor your skin.

Sterling Silver can also oxidize or turn black over time. Many people thinks this means your piece is ruined. Actually, it is very easy to polish this discoloration away. The benefits of Sterling Silver far outweighs any negative aspects. Since it is so affordable you can buy bigger, bolder, and more intricate pieces without breaking the bank. Its lustrous and supple feel makes it a great choice for necklaces as well as earrings.

Another plus side of Sterling Silver is that it is hypoallergenic. With all these amazing plus sides and benefits Sterling Silver can easily become your go-to jewelry choice. Next time you’re shopping for jewelry keep an eye out for Sterling Silver accents or heirloom pieces. You are going to love how it wears!