3 Tips When Your Child Goes Off to College

Seeing your child go off to college for the first time or when they return can bring you mixed emotions as a mom.

From the thought of missing them to knowing they are one step closer to a degree, chances are a lot is on your mind.

So, how can you best handle seeing your young one go off to college?

Making the Best of Your Child’s Education

If the time is nearing when your kid is headed off to college, here are a few tips to help you and them make the most of it:

1. Finances in place

Odds are you have already paid for their year in school. That is when it comes to classes and books. That said there are other things you will need to factor into the financial equation. Among the questions to answer will be how they go about paying for meals. Also look at any needs when it comes to back to school clothing and other such items. If your child will be going to school hours and hours away from home, how in fact will they get home over the holidays? Make sure money is set aside for such a need. What happens if your child has a medical emergency or something more than a cold while away at college? Do you have medical insurance for them? If they are taking a vehicle, make sure there is business and they have a means of paying for gas and other such needs. Having the money in place can help you sidestep overspending and worrying about how to pay.

2. Stay in contact with your kid

Your kid is going to be studying and doing other things while away at college. You may work full-time and have other children at home you need to tend to. As a result, staying in contact with your college-bound kid can seem a challenge at times once at school. Use the Internet for options like face-time chats, social media messages and more to keep in touch. That is of course besides the reliable phone calls and texting. You can also use the Internet to come up with ideas to keep your child safe and happy while on campus. Know the area they will be living in and what it has to offer. Also know if there are any notable red flags to be concerned with. Go on the web and use websites, blogs such as iamaproudmomma.com and other online resources. This would be to help you stay in informed on college life. It also means knowing they are safe where they are at.

3. Keep yourself busy

Finally, having your son or daughter away at school can be taxing for you. That is wondering how they are doing and so on. So, find ways to keep yourself occupied. Even if you work a full-time job and have other children at home, odds are you will be thinking about your kid at college. By having distractions at home, there is less chance you worry about your student at college.

In seeing your child off to college, what is going through your mind?