Are You Keeping Your Young Children Safe at Home?

When you stop for a moment and think about it, how safe are your young children under your roof?

One of if not the most important responsibilities in being a parent is keeping a child safe.

With that in mind, are there steps you need to take so that your children feel safer at home?

Don’t Subject Your Children to Danger

In doing all you can to make the surroundings at home safer for your young children, here are a few pointers:

1. Focus on physical safety and security

It is key that you focus on physical safety and security. Keep in mind it only takes one mistake to have you regretting how you wish you’d have done something different. So, make sure the home is as secure as possible for outsiders with bad intentions. From the locks on your windows to having the most secure exterior glass doors and more, be sensible. The right doors and windows go a long way in keeping your children safe and you for that matter. Be smart about not leaving doors and windows wide open to the point someone you don’t want there could get in. You also want to be sure that your children are not exposed to hazards in the home that can hurt them. For example, being exposed at a young age to glass, chemicals and other such items can be a recipe for disaster. Keep such items away from your kid until they are old enough to be careful when around or handling such things. Last, given young children like to run around, be sure your floors are secure. You do not want slippery floors or bunched up carpet leading to a fall.

2. Be careful giving out info online

Given you likely spend some time online, be cautious in what you say. That means do not be blurting out personal information as it relates to your family. Giving out your home address, where your children go to school if they are in classes and more can be a bad thing. You never know who is out there online and accessing such details. If you have to give out personal info when filling out online forms and so on, only provide the minimum needed. If your kid is old enough to be online, stress to him or her about keeping personal details exactly that. Some with bad intentions online will target young children. Their hope is the child will give out personal info about where they live, go to school and more. Teach your child early on about the importance of personal safety.

3. Being careful around a pet

Having one or more pets at home for your youngster/s is fine. That said you want to make sure the latter understand that a pet can act out at times. Most pets are pretty mellow and will take to your children rather fast. It is still a good idea to teach your child to respect the pet or pets you have at home. Doing so can lead to a much better relationship between all parties.

As you go about keeping your young children safe at home, are you confident you can get the job done?