One of the worst fears a parent can have is that their child will get into an auto accident.

That said having a teenage driver in your home can leave you with some worrisome times.

So, how do you get around this so that your teen is not paranoid each time he or she goes out and gets behind the wheel?

Preaching Safety is Always Key

While you do not want to traumatize your kid where they are timid and not thinking when driving, focus on safety.

With this in mind, always remind them the importance of being focused when driving. Yes, it only takes losing focus for a second or two to lead to a serious mishap.

Among the things your teen needs to avoid when driving:

· Being on their cell phone – Your teen should never be taking or making phone calls or texting when driving. If there is an emergency, they should pull over to a safe spot off the road to use their phone.

· Messing around in the vehicle – It is not uncommon for some teens to be a little rambunctious. That said remind your teen that the fun can wait until they are safely parked. 

· Grooming while driving – Whether fixing hair, putting on makeup etc. these can wait. Even looking in the rear-view mirror for a few seconds to do some grooming practices can lead to an accident.

By being pro-active when it comes to safety, there is much less of a chance your teen will get into an accident.

What Can Be Done if in an Accident?

Even with all the safety precautions possible, accidents do happen.

That said your teen’s physical well-being is always the priority when an accident takes place.

Now, what do you and they do if your teen is the victim of a hit-and-run accident? 

Yes, such accidents do occur with too much frequency. When they do, the victim or victims can be left in quite bad shape. Not only are there the potential physical images, but there is also damage to one’s vehicle.

If your teen is in an accident, the hope is they will get the license plate. They may even get a description of the vehicle and driver who hit them.

One way to go about this is by going online to find out who owns a vehicle.

By going on the Internet, you and your teen have a better chance of locating the culprit. 

With the license plate info in-hand, you can go online and see if info comes back on the owner of the vehicle. If the assailant thought they could get away with it, they may not be as fortunate as they first thought. With some detective work, you and authorities may be able to track them down.

At the end of the day, the vehicle can be replaced if necessary. And if the culprit is never apprehended so be it.

The bottom line is your teen does not suffer any serious injuries.

Having a teen drive and possibly go through an accident can be tough on parents.

That said education and preaching safety are the best things your teen can take on the road with them.